Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Does anyone remember that old commercial for 1-800 Collect? It's maybe one of my favorites ever. Anyway, it's true. We had a baby and it is indeed a boy. Sweet baby Felix was born back in mid January and we love him super a lot. 

We're all doing well and adjusting to another human being in the house, but I think it's safe to say that we like him enough to keep him.  

Now, some pictures.

Uhh... that's all I got. I bought a new iPod about a week ago (yay!), but forgot to get the 1000+ pictures off my old iPod before I traded it in (not yay), so if you want to see more pictures you'll have to follow me on Instagram @theredkitchenkatie and see the pictures there.

Speaking of Instagram, you can also follow me @snapbibs now too. And you should probably check out my new etsy shop (snapbibs.etsy.com) because there are probably so awesome baby & toddler bibs there.

Ok, Polly, I blogged. The end.

* This post brought to you by my sister telling me to write it. I guess there are worse reasons to do things. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Peace out, pregnancy

Hey friends. It's been a long while. Let's chat.

First off, I always go back and forth (in my head) about whether or not to tell you why I take breaks from blogging from time to time, but this time I'm gonna. I got worn out. Having my book come out in November and then hosting the epic blog tour for it meant so much to me, but it was also a lot of work and by the time it was over I was ready to not blog for a little while. I still plan to do a real blog tour recap post where I'll round up links to all the fab reviews and projects from all of my wonderful blogging friends who participated, but I've come to terms with the fact that it may be weeks, even a month or two before that actually happens. I'm officially taking it off my mental "to do before baby comes" list and putting it on my "to do when I feel like it" list. Just think of it as a nice little surprise you can look forward to... sometime.

I think another reason I've been taking a break from blogging is something I didn't think about until I got on to start writing this, but here it is. This blog (much like my life right now) is very much in a transitional phase. I think most craft and sewing bloggers are more steady about how they use their blogs, but the only thing I've been consistent about with blogging over the past 5 years is the blog identity crisis I periodically go through. I've waffled back and forth over and over again about whether I want this to be a personal, ramble-y space where I can talk or if I'm going to treat it as my professional (ha!) project portfolio. The truth is, I don't think I'll ever be ready to make it strictly one or other other. I need to get over it and just let it be what it is. And while I do certainly hope to continue to share more tutorials in the coming months and years, right now I'm feeling totally worn out and the idea of publishing a tutorial (let alone just making something) sounds so exhausting to me right now. Because, can I tell you a secret?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snap Bibs!

Hi friends! I've been a bit absent from the blog lately. Partly that's because I'm due in about 2 weeks and it's hard to sit at the computer for very long anymore. And partly it's because I've been busy working on a fun new business venture and I'm so excited to tell you about it!

About a week ago I started a new little business I started called snap bibs! Snap bibs are bibs that are perfect for babies and toddlers. Each bib is made of thick, sturdy vinyl and features a heavy duty snap. The vinyl is so mom-friendly. Instead of having to toss it in the laundry after a messy meal, just wipe it clean with a wet washcloth or give it a quick rinse in the sink. So fast and easy!

And the heavy duty metal snap helps the bibs stay on when most other bibs won't. Velcro can wear out or get full of fuzzies after a while, not to mention it's too easy for kiddos to pull off (and usually at the most inconvenient times). Argh! But the snaps on these bibs are perfect for keeping kiddos in the clean zone until you're ready to be done with meal time. My daughter Olivia is 4 years old and even she can't get them off! I'm thinking of adding a tagline to the business, something like, "Keeping kids trapped in cleanliness since 2013." We'll see how it tests in the focus groups. ;)

You can browse the new shop right HERE. There are currently 4 great bib colors and lots more on the way in 2014!

You can also follow snap bibs on Instagram @snapbibs . Aside from sharing fun customer appreciation photos, pictures of the bibs on Olivia and the new baby boy once he's big enough (eeeek! so excited!!), I'll also be running several great promotions throughout the year. And the first one you should know about is that I'll be randomly choosing 1 lucky winner on the 1st of every month this year. All you have to do to enter the monthly giveaway is follow @snapbibs on IG! So if you're not already following me there be sure to head over today and follow so you'll be entered to win our first giveaway of the year tomorrow!

Happy New Year everyone! I can't wait for our new baby boy, my new little business, and all the fun 2014 is going to bring!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Love for Ruby

image via

One of the things I love about the blogging community is the way we're able to reach out and share. On a regular basis we share ideas and tutorials and giveaways, but today I have an opportunity to share a little something more. Our dear blogging friend Christie Hurst from A Lemon Squeezy Home has a sweet baby girl named Ruby who was born with serious heart problems and is going in for open heart surgery today. As a community, we're reaching out to the Hurst family today to show our love and support by showering them with hearts all over facebook, twitter, instagram, and blogs.

If you'd like to share your love and support for little Ruby you can join in by sharing your own heart(s) and tagging them with #loveforruby. We hope the Hurst family will feel our love and support as they find the internet flooded with love for them and their sweet baby girl today and find that there are so many today who are reaching out with prayers and love and happy thoughts. If you'd like to reach out and give to the Hurst family with financial support for medical expenses, etc. you can make a direct deposit to their paypal account under their email dillonandchristie@gmail.com.

Find more information on the Love for Ruby facebook page.

We're all thinking of you today sweet Ruby girl! Sending lots and lots of love!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get Ready for Christmas by Giving to Charity: DIY Family Giving Spree on Nestle

Hi Friends! Only 13 days until Christmas! Is your home ready for the influx of fun new things? Get ready for Christmas this year by gathering up used toys and other items around the house in good condition and give them to a charity or local family in need. Get the whole family involved and start a fun new tradition--a Family Giving Spree! Use the free printable and how-to over on the Nestle site to make your giving easy and fun.

Head on over to check it out!

Disclaimer: I was hired by Nestle to share ideas for using their line of holiday candies this year. And it was such a fun opportunity! I'd let people pay me and give me free chocolate to write crafty posts for them again in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Minute Craft: DIY Grand Neighbor Gifts on Nestle

Hi Friends! Looking for a fast, easy, and super charming little gift to give to your  neighbors this year? I'm over on Nestle sharing this fun idea for DIY Grand Neighbor Gifts. They literally take about 5 minutes to prep. If you can operate a printer to print off your tags and cut string, you can handle this. :)

Head on over to check it out!

Disclaimer: I was hired by Nestle to share ideas for using their line of holiday candies this year. And it was such a fun opportunity! I'd let people pay me and give me free chocolate to write crafty posts for them again in a heartbeat.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Signing! Simple Sewing at Sew to Speak this Saturday!

  • What: Katie Lewis, author of Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners will be signing copies of her new book! 
  • Where: Sew to Speak -- 4610 N High Street, Columbus, OH (See their website HERE)
  • Date: This Saturday, Dec. 14th
  • Time: noon-3pm

Hi friends! I'm delighted to invite you all to a cozy little book signing at my favorite fabric store of all time: Sew to Speak! If you've never been to Sew to Speak, you are in for a real treat! It's one of my favorite shops to visit in all of Columbus. It has a great variety of awesome fabric and notions and the friendliest staff. I'll be there with my trusty Sharpie marker signing copies of my book and chatting it up with all of you! New sewing books + a fun cut of fabric or two is sure to win the heart of any sewing enthusiast on your list this Christmas. So come on in and find some goodies! 

I hope to see you there on Saturday!