Sunday, August 3, 2008


Bryan and I sold home-made granola at the Provo Farmers Market for the second time yesterday. We sold more than we did last time, so that was encouraging.

Highlights include:

-we were stationed right across the sidewalk from the creepy, skinny guy running the co-housing booth
-Lisa came to visit us in her biking shorts and loafers
-a lady who is running for state senate who had a booth across from us was sure she knew me (and I was sure I had never seen her before in my life)
-the state senate lady bought two bags of granola
-the creepy, skinny co-housing guy brought us apricots and they were very yummy
-a somewhat stout lady from the co-housing booth came over to talk to us for a minute and she did a latin dance move when she heard the music coming from the Mexican food stand next to us

Anyway. So Farmers Market was good. Except it was so hot. Ugh. I am secretly a little bit excited for the fall when it starts to cool down around here.

P.S. For any of you who want to come experience the Provo Farmers Market first-hand it's from 9-2 on Saturdays at Pioneer Park (500W 100S) in Provo... (duh).


Lindsay said...

Wow! That is most impressive. I have to work EVERY freakin' Saturday...but perhaps I'll send Mackay over for some granola.

Lisa Lou said...

do you secretly want to live in co-housing now? You can probably have all the apricots and latin dances you want!!

Katie Lewis said...

sick lisa