Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 9 Month Anniversary to Us!

Well, today is our nine month anniversary. Whoo-hoo! Bryan made really really really really really yummy steaks for dinner and now we're making chocolate chip cookies. Hooray hoorah for being wed!

Friday, September 26, 2008

He Peed My Pants

So I was holding this little boy in the nap room at work a couple of days ago because he was out of control- screaming and crying and trying anything he could to get away. I don't know what got him so upset in the first place since someone brought him down to me that way, but there I was holding him, waiting for him to calm down. Like any kid he kept yelling the classic "I want my mom!" and "I need to go potty!" and such. So I was very calmly sitting there with him, waiting for him to give it up and calm down so he would be reasonable to put to sleep when his screaming changed all of a sudden and he quietly whined, "I wet my pants." What an understatement. Not only had he wet his own pants, but mine as well. I looked down to find a small puddle on the leg of my shorts. GROSS. Let's just say he won. I had never taken a shower so quickly after work before.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are there no girls in Gilead?

So I'm taking a class at BYU this semester "for fun" (psh, like I would take a class for fun. It makes our health insurance cheaper) and as I was walking across campus after my class today I kept thinking of friends I might run into and it occurred to me that all I could think of were guy friends. That's when I realized why- all of my girl friends, like me, have already graduated. And so I was trying to think of ANY girls I know (other than girls in my married ward- duh) who are still undergrads at BYU. I came to a grand total of two, but didn't see either of them. I did, however, see a boy from my home stake who is my older brother's age and then after all these deep thoughts when I walked into the library to do some reading I ran into two boys from my freshman ward and the three of us had a nice little chat. Don't worry- they noticed the wedding right right off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pigs for Christmas

So my sister Kendra loves pigs (not so much anymore) and for years practically all of the gifts she would receive had something to do with pigs since everybody knew it was a mild interest she had. Finally one year she made the declaration- NO MORE PIGS! and since then she's received very few pig things indeed.

This illustrates very nicely the point of this post. I had no idea until Anna (sister-in-law with lettuce-covered baby) told me and then Bryan confirmed that nobody knows what to give me for presents. Then just last week Alison (sister-in-law with pierced ears) asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I had no idea I was such a problem! And so, with Alison's permission to make such a post without coming off as greedy (haha- as if I don't want so many presents- of course I do), I have decided to list for you some things I have been thinking of that I would love to receive year after year like Kendra's pigs.

The Pig List:
-cookie cutters
-cake decorating tips (the little metal pieces that go at the end of a tube of frosting, not great ideas)
-classic or otherwise great quality children's books
-cute, trendy things that people don't usually buy for themselves because they can't justify spending money on something so impractical

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing to Report

Well, I haven't written in a while and it's because there hasn't really been much of anything to write about. Unlike some of my sister-in-laws I can't just post adorable pictures of my baby (since I don't have one) and have everyone love my blog. 63 to me. But I will just say that I have not forgotten about my blog, the apartment is clean, and I will try and have something interesting happen in my life or something. Or I'll take a picture of Bryan with some lettuce on his face. Whichever comes first.