Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are there no girls in Gilead?

So I'm taking a class at BYU this semester "for fun" (psh, like I would take a class for fun. It makes our health insurance cheaper) and as I was walking across campus after my class today I kept thinking of friends I might run into and it occurred to me that all I could think of were guy friends. That's when I realized why- all of my girl friends, like me, have already graduated. And so I was trying to think of ANY girls I know (other than girls in my married ward- duh) who are still undergrads at BYU. I came to a grand total of two, but didn't see either of them. I did, however, see a boy from my home stake who is my older brother's age and then after all these deep thoughts when I walked into the library to do some reading I ran into two boys from my freshman ward and the three of us had a nice little chat. Don't worry- they noticed the wedding right right off.


Marae said...

hahaha. the best part of ohlone is that it's said "aloney" like "all aloney on my owney" like angus, thongs and full frontal snogging.
isn't she lovely.

did you know that i will be another byu undergrad in january? that is, if my bishop in maine gets my ecc. end. there in time.

i miss you very much-a!

Lindsay said...

Who did you run into??

Lisa Lou said...

yeah...like how when I went to this party Sunday night and I was thinking, oh, I wonder if I'll know anyone there? Um. no. everyone I went to school with is long gone. sad.

Katie Lewis said...

I ran into Jason Langlois and Chris Bateman.