Friday, September 26, 2008

He Peed My Pants

So I was holding this little boy in the nap room at work a couple of days ago because he was out of control- screaming and crying and trying anything he could to get away. I don't know what got him so upset in the first place since someone brought him down to me that way, but there I was holding him, waiting for him to calm down. Like any kid he kept yelling the classic "I want my mom!" and "I need to go potty!" and such. So I was very calmly sitting there with him, waiting for him to give it up and calm down so he would be reasonable to put to sleep when his screaming changed all of a sudden and he quietly whined, "I wet my pants." What an understatement. Not only had he wet his own pants, but mine as well. I looked down to find a small puddle on the leg of my shorts. GROSS. Let's just say he won. I had never taken a shower so quickly after work before.

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Emily said...

gross...I'm glad my kids are 5...I feel very badly for you. :) Keep blogging! I like reading your fun stories! :) love ya Katie!