Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I know my posts lately have been rather lame and I make no promises about this one, but I thought I would treat you all to a little Halloween song that I've been singing for the past month. It goes:

Halloween cat,
Halloween cat
WHY do you MEOW and MEOW like that?
Neither I nor the moon
Like that tune
...Halloween cat!

I learned this song last year when I was working in the kindergarten classroom at the BYU Child and Family Life something-or-other (the BYU preschool). At the time I thought it was a pretty terrible song, but upon hearing it every day for a month I couldn't really help learning it. Now that I've got my own preschool class I feel pressured from time to time to sing seasonal songs with them and since Halloween Cat was the only Halloween song I knew I thought I'd at least sing it with them once to keep myself from feeling guilty. Unfortunately, it caught on like wildfire and I quickly surrendered to my students' request to sing it. I felt somewhat guilty/ selfishly satisfied when I put my aide in charge of singing with the kids today (I was busy doing other important things) and I heard her singing Halloween Cat with them. Now she will be plagued with the song! Bwahahahaha...

I know it seems impossible that anything more could be said about this stupid song (it's hardly even a song- more of a chant, really), but I must also add this one last little tidbit about the song. The beginning of the song has much the same rhythm to another terrible song I learned at the BYU preschool called "Bubble Gum." This song goes:

Bubble gum
Bubble gum
Chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy bubble gum
Bubble gum...

You get the idea. When I was working at the BYU preschool in the kindergarten I was often running errands and would be in and out of the classroom a lot. In consequence, it not only took me a while to even pick up on all of the words to Halloween Cat, but also got stuck in my head in fragments all the time. Due to the similarity in tune/ rhythm, the song often got stuck in my head as:

Halloween cat
Halloween cat
Chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy Halloween cat
Halloween cat...

This morbid version of the song prompted the 4th of July edition which I will conclude with.

Fourth of July Cat
written by Katie Lewis

Fourth of July cat
Fourth of July cat
Why do you explode and explode like that
Neither I nor the kids
Like that splat
So scat
Fourth of July cat!

Happy haunting to you all!


Marae said...


how i miss your poems!

Lisa Lou said...

now I'll have some awesome dreams about bubble gum cats blowing up.

Anna said...

Ha! This is my favorite of your posts so far.

Nathan said...

I started to laugh really hard when I read the Fourth of July Cat chant.

ali said...

and i thought you liked cats...

Kathy Haynie said...

Maybe you can teach all the little nieces and nephews the "Fourth of July Cat" song next year at the family reunion.