Monday, November 17, 2008


I have a few more things to tell you about him.

1. Today he sang the Spice Girls song "So tell me what you want, what you really really want" to me when we were leaving our apartment. I don't remember why. Chris- remember when we were singing Spice Girls during Settlers that one night? Except I was really hopped up on drugs and you were just hyper.
2. Today when Bryan and I were in the car we were listening to a country station, but it was turned down low. When some random song came on Bryan turned it up a lot and started singing along, but not to be funny. Who knew?
3. Last night I got on the Martha Stewart website to get more craft ideas for Christmas and after the page had been up for about 2.5 seconds and my eyes were still looking at headings, Bryan immediately pointed at a video clip and said, "Play it!" Martha taught us how to dress a turkey. (Although she says it's really "undressing" the turkey since they're rid of all their feathers and everything.)

Something has gotten into my husband. Also, he might be a bit more like Chris than I originally knew.


Chris said...

I DENY EVERYTHING. See, what's funny is that I really do. I seriously don't even know any Spice Girls songs. I know that one line about knowing what you really want, but I couldn't even name another of their songs. Except I might have seen a preview for their movie once.
I do remember that hyper settlers time though. I'll bet we were singing total eclipse of the heart. That is the best song.

Lisa Lou said...

the total eclipse of the heart moment that I remember happened in the car coming home from Ogden or somewhere. Maybe the Collins'.
That is a fond memorey. memory?

Katie Lewis said...

Oh sure, it's a "fond memory" now. When it happened Anna said how we had all just had a moment together and I was about to second her in that until all you Lewis kids shot us down. Probably you don't even like your in-laws. :(

Katie Lewis said...

P.S. Chris, I was also referring to your Martha Stewart fettish.

Chris said...

Man, Martha Stewart is awesome though. Everything is so neat and tidy. I do think I have a new favorite cooking show/whatever. America's Test Kitchen. I think they are pretty famous, but I really don't know. I have seen their stuff around a lot. It's pretty cool.