Sunday, November 2, 2008


I will start by first off admitting that I am a major copy cat. Emily K had this background first and I thought it was so cute that I followed the link to find a new trendy background of my own (yet another one of my hopeless attempts to be a cool kid), but when I went to the site and looked at the other backgrounds there weren't really any other ones I liked as much for fall. (Although I found a great Christmas one. No meows next month.) But I was trying to not be a copy cat so first I tried this other one that seemed cute but in all practicality it was most certainly more pink than it looked at first sight. So then I gave up and put this background on and changed the colors for all the fonts and everything which takes a lot more time and energy than you might think. But then I felt bad again about being a copy cat and I tried changing it to this dark brown turkey background but it was so ugly and the prospect of having to change all the fonts again was too much for me so, alas, I am the copy cat. I officially bow down to Emily K and her inherent coolness and hope she will forgive me for riding into coolness on her coat tails.

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emmalou said...

HAHA. How sweet of you to say that. I guess we are both copy cats because I followed that link from Amanda Conley's blog. Granted, I did not get the same background that she has, but I still felt like a copy cat. So thanks for joining me! :)