Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sacrament Meeting on the Couch

This evening Abbi (my two year-old niece) came up for a little visit. While she was sitting on the couch with me she spotted my mini Book of Mormon and proceeded to "read" from it. This mostly consisted of flipping through the pages from front to back and then from back to front over and over again. Then she started requiring us to raise our hands and thanked us for doing so. After about the fifth time she did this we realized she was acting out the process of sustaining that she sees in church on Sundays during Sacrament Meeting. She also said a couple of prayers for us. About all we could understand was "Dear Heavenly Father" and "Amen," but it was a pretty good job all the same. I've included a video for your enjoyment.

The sequence of the video is as follows:

-Abbi doing sustainings

-Abbi saying a prayer

-Abbi telling Uncle B ("daddy") to fold his arms during the prayer

-Abbi finishing the prayer


P.S. Chris and Anna- You will appreciate knowing that before Abbi started conducting church services in our living room she was sitting next to me while I showed her pictures of you guys on Anna's blog. With no help from me she pointed to Anna and said "Anna" and Chris and said "Joe." May you never feel forgotten.


Kathy Haynie said...

I want to go to that Sacrament Meeting! I sustain Aunt Katie and Uncle B! :)

ali said...

haha she is so cute!!!
and i love the slippers you are wearing katie :)

Anna said...

I really like that you put up three postings in one day. Also, for the record, I read each of your blogs about fifteen minutes after you put them up: that shows you how addicted I am to the internet.

Holly Mayer said...


Marcaritaville said...

I adore how much Our HEavenly Father uses our children to remind us how much they pay attention and SEE what we do as adults. I will never forget when my daughter (then 3) started singing songs of praise that she was making up as we were walking through the grocery store.