Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some things I'd like to say

1. So I work in the baptistery at the temple on Wednesday nights and I've had a lot of insights during the time I've been working there. I guess some of the insights have been more of a spiritual nature, but the one I had last night was not, so don't feel guilty reading this post. Okay, so when I used to go to the baptistery when I was single I was always so secretly mad at all the old people working there for talking so loud in the temple. I thought that since they were there so often they didn't think it was as sacred anymore or something. Then last night I had a revelation (again, not spiritual, so don't worry). The old people talk so loud because they can't HEAR! I was whispering something to the old man in charge and he said "What?" kind of loud and that's when I realized for the first time that they just don't hear so well. I take all of my mean, judgmental thoughts back.

2. I do shave my armpits. I just didn't respond to Chris' post on it a little bit ago because that was the week or so when you will all notice that I don't think I posted on anybody's blog since I was so swamped with my class and my job and everything else in life.

3. Our car broke. But it turned out to just be a bad connection to the battery. Hooray for only a $7 part!


Emily said...

I'm glad your car isn't really broke.

Emily said...

Also, you aren't a bad friend. :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! You can bring Gilmore girls over whenever you want, no rush.

Jenn said...

that's so funny about the old people at the temple! It used to just urk me too! happy turkey days ahead!

Chris said...

Sometimes I would talk to people that worked in the temple and they would say apostate things.
One woman told me that everyone that has taken at least one breath of air is supposed to get ordinances. I don't know where she got that.
Also, I miss the temple soups. I liked to get soup and a slice of pie.

Katie Lewis said...

Chris- I have no idea what that means about the breath and ordinances.

Lisa Lou said...

katie qtip (I like anna's nickname for you) I'm very glad you shave your armpits and I'm sure bryan is too.