Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sometimes I actually try to write about real things

Okay, so I always hate to make more than one post in a day because then I'm afraid no one will read the previous ones and they will miss out on all my cleverness. So please, if you're only going to read one of my posts today, I would have to advise you to read the turkey poem as it is by far my most genius work being featured today. However, when I saved my new Thanksgiving poem in my poetry folder on my computer today I stumbled across a few other things in that folder which I had either temporarily or entirely forgotten about. While I'll go ahead and boast that I was impressed with all of them, most were somewhat depressing poems I wrote while Bryan was on his mission and I was lonely, so I'll spare you from those and just share this one, especially since I have been trying to catch up on my Book of Mormon reading chart today since I have today and tomorrow off of work and somehow during the past couple of weeks I have had absolutely no time for blogging and reading three chapters of scriptures each day and other great things like that. Consider this the bathroom wall, Marae.

The Whoremongers and We
By Kathleen Mayer

I have often wondered how it could be
That with such a clear date they could not see
That in so short a time Christ would be
Among them

How could they in foolishness be so shortsighted
Thinking their wrongs were somehow righted
And that their brethren were foolishly excited
That no Christ would come among them

How could they mercilessly torture and fight
Those who had waited to see the great sight
When in Zarahemla on that day that was night
Christ would be among them

And how could they spit and mock and scorn
While those who were faithful stood by to mourn
For all had so clearly been forewarned
Soon Christ would be among them

Didn’t they know that their fierceness would fail
And the one who would come to pay their bail
Was that very same savior whom they should hail
The Christ who would come among them

They did not see and they did not trust
That on the morrow the miracle must
Come to pass and destroy their blood lust
Christ would be among them

And on the morrow they hid in shame
Knowing that only they were to blame
For the destroying of their good name
For Christ had come among them

The whoremongers and we would be
Wiser by far if in faith we would see
That no matter the time frame in which we plead
Christ has and will come among men

(Written February 9, 2007)

I will admit that there may very well be mixed up references to different signs given and if anyone can straighten me out I would appreciate it. I am especially unsure about my reference to the day that was night (or was it a night that was day... or both?) mixed with the instance where the wicked were killing the innocent because the innocent wouldn't fight back and then finally the wicked stopped, but not after a lot of men were already killed. Same night? Not the same night? Even in the same book of scripture? Obviously I have not yet a master scriptorian. What an unimpressive way to end this post. Still, I think the message I am sending is pretty clear, which I will express more simply here now. I'm always so amazed that the people in the Book of Mormon were so foolish about not expecting Christ to come in the so near future when, after all, didn't they notice the little asterisks telling them how many years away they were from Christ's coming? I think about that sometimes when I'm reading and I think the only conclusion I have yet reached is that I am bound to be one of those fools unless I work at being better a little better.


Lisa Lou said...

For me, even though there are "astricks" in my life, I forget to look down at the bottom of the page and notice them. I hope I don't get too caught up and busy to really look and reflect on what's coming and what I need to do now. Like Bishop Burton said in this last CES Fireside: "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." How more can I discipline myself? I really like that poem though. Mostly I think the word whoremonger is funny, in a scriptural sense.


Marae said...

oh yes, that's the one i love. if i print it off and carry it with me, i can always feel like i'm in the bathroom! (as if that is so far from the truth)

Kathy Haynie said...

My favorite line is, "That on the morrow the miracle must," because the alliteration and rhyme are so wonderful.

And I never thought about that before...why DIDN'T they check for the asterisks...hmmm...