Thursday, December 11, 2008

The most bizzar phone conversation I have ever overheard

So I was walking to campus just now when some random girl started walking close enough to me that I could hear her phone conversation. It went something like this.

-Have you talked to Mom today?
-Oh, well I was wondering how she's doing because she decided to put Jordan on (I can't remember what it was called) for his kidney. (Maybe it was liver.)
-Yeah, well I guess she's nervous about it because it's on Aunt Nancy's cry day.
-Yeah, well I guess it'll just give her more to cry about.

...What?! Who in the world is Aunt Nancy and why does she have a cry day?! I felt a little insane just listening to the conversation. Especially since the girl was saying everything in a really peppy voice; not what you'd expect in reference to Aunt Nancy's cry day.

May something like that never be said of me.


Lisa Lou said...

man, some times people say things in peppy voices and it just makes it ONE HUNDRED times funnier, or more bizarre, like this conversation! is a conversation I overheard between two freshman:
(imagine a high pitched, nasally, peppy, BYU freshman voice) "Oh, and if you ever talk to him, DO NOT look in his eyes. You will get lost in them."
I had to bite my tongue so hard to not bust up laughing.

Bryan Lewis said...

i bet they were talking about me. i have been told by many a person that my eyes are dreamy.