Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reasons why I deserve a peanut butter twix right now

1. Two hours ago I got home from work and changed into normal clothes (as opposed to the limited options I am allowed to wear at work) and had a brain lapse i.e. decided to wear my really cute pink birkenstock shoes to walk to campus even though I know they tend to make my feet sore because I thought if I walked really slowly (which I did) my feet would think I was taking a lot of really short walking trips instead of one big long walking trip to campus and thereby trick the powers that be into not making my feet hurt. Instead I think I have a very large blister on my right foot but I don't want to take my sock off to check right now because I'm sitting in the library because I'm waiting for Kendra to come pick me up from campus so I don't have to walk home, but she can't come until Abbi wakes up/ Chris's class gets over an hour from now.
2. I still have not found the mysteriously-misplaced Christmas presents and it makes me want to cry at night.
3. Last night I had a dream that I found the Christmas presents and I was very happy and relieved, but then worn out and very sad when I woke up and realized it was only a dream.
4. I can't even remember where I found them in my dream which was probably the whole point of the dream.
5. I have homework that I should be working on right now instead of writing this.
6. I'm hungry.


Lisa Lou said...

oh man. I feel so sad for you that you can't find those presents. Maybe Bryan took them and is going to give them back for YOUR christmas present.

Richard and Emily said...

If I was in the library right now I would buy you a peanut butter twix out of the vending machine.
:) good luck destressing!

Elise said...

the birkenstock logic makes complete sense. i don't know what your feet were thinking.

Elise said...

i'm not elise

Anna said...


just kidding (that is longhand for jk) I am sorry about your blister. I just majorly burned my thumb on the stove and I have a blister too. Poor us.

Mrs. Haynie said...

I love you, Katie! Maybe you can have a peanut butter twix when you come to Oregon.

Katie said...

As long as you don't steal it from the fridge when I put it in there to keep it from melting. :)