Monday, January 19, 2009

The Contest is Over

Well, the contest is over and I must say I'm pretty dissapointed at the turnout of participants. However, winners are as follows:

Grand Prize: Alex & Nick

First Prize: Mom

Honorary Participants: Anna, Lisa, and Polly

Alex & Nick and Mom were the only ones who actually followed the directions, but since Alex & Nick posted more photos by far, they win the grand prize: a copy of "A Guide for Grown ups" which features quotes and art work from various books written by the same author as "The Little Prince." Only a true Little Prince lover would appriciate it.

Mom did follow all the directions, but gets knocked down in prize ranking only because Alex posted more. For first prize mom wins a brownie mix. Now you can make brownies... again!

(Sorry Mom, I can't find a picture of a box of brownie mix and I don't currently have one on hand, but just imagine a box of brownie mix that will arrive at your home soon.)

Polly kind of entered the contest, but since she posted her entry on the MyFamily website instead of a blog like the directions clearly indicated, her honorary participant prize is: another framed photo of me! Apparently she loves them so much.

Anna deffinitely did enter the contest like she was supposed to, but since her video is black (no real proof of the really cool blanket I made) and she never made any other attempt to post another picture or video, she falls under the honorary participant category. Anna's prize: a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur. Maybe this will help with future videos taken in dark rooms.

Lisa really is cool since she did already post a picture of herself with the bag I crocheted for her for Christmas, but since she didn't follow the directions and make a post about it after the contest post, she qualifies as an honorary participant. Lisa's prize: game night with me and Bryan this week (tonight maybe?) playing Ticket to Ride (the way more fun Germany version) that Bryan and I rented from Boardgame Revolution. Actually, I guess that doesn't seem like a real, tangible prize. So, Lisa, you are still invited to play games (as always), but your real prize will be: your very own lime green swim cap! (You know, to help you train for your next triathalon.)

Well, that's it folks. Thanks for participating. And Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


nick said...


We are so cool to win a contest!

Katie Lewis said...

oh wow. I am so excited to wear a swim cap!! Also, this is lisa. not katie. sneaky sneaky.

Kathy Haynie said...

I, too, am honored to accept this award. I'd like to thank my family home evening group for motivating me to make brownies, and all my children for having their photos posted on my wall.

However...I have to confess that I will have to be disqualified. Those "brownies" were not TRUE brownies...they were a recipe called "blondies" that I found on the internet. They have no chocolate in them, so that Mark is able to eat them.

In my humiliation, I suggest that the prize of a box of brownie mix stay in Provo (thereby saving some postage $), and be used by Katie and Bryan to host someone more wonderful and honest, like Lisa. (Lisa, did you buy any hiking boots? I tried to post on your blog, but it wouldn't let me because I'm not invited. Probably because I cheat at brownies.)

I love you all, and I apologize for dissembling. MOM

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I am so excited to be an honorary entrant. Maybe someday I'll have a real blog and be able to enter for real.

CK Morgan said...

sweet prizes. Too bad I didn't enter. I was going to tell you that I read The Little Prince out loud to Jonathan when he was in my tummy because I love it so much but I didn't have a picture and I couldn't re-inact that. I'm going to go have to buy that book that you are gving to Alex and Nick though. Hope you are ding well!

alee said...

I hope you are "ding" well too- hahaha. Just so you know I posted the first comment, not Nick...not sure what that was about.
I was going to tell you that I think I fixed my mom's blog so you can post on there now :)

ali said...

sorry i didn't participate in your contest katie. exams and life have been a bit crazy here on the east coast.
but i promise i will participate in the next one if there ever is a next one.