Monday, January 12, 2009


Ever since I won nothing in the contest on Chris' blog I've been trying to think of a prize contest of my own to have and I finally decided on one. It might be pretty much all about me.

Here's how the contest will go: Be the first to post proof (i.e. a picture of you with the following item/ doing the following activity) of one of the following things on your own blog (and then leave a comment on this post so I know to go look) and you will win a great prize.

-that you have actually used something I crocheted
-that you have actually used (out in the cold) those little hand warmers I made
-that you have used a recipe I gave you
-that you have read/ are reading and love "The Little Prince"
-that an ornament I made is currently hanging somewhere in your home
-that you use something I have sewn
-that you use anything else I've made
-that you have a picture with me in it on display in your home
-that you have made me something (please send it along asap)
-that you have won a game since this post
-that you can do the "stretch and flex"
-that you went on a date since this post
-that you made brownies since this post that were "nicely timed"
-that you clipped your fingernails and toenails (over a trash can, please) since this post
-that you can do something super super impressive

You have one week to enter the contest. Feel free to enter for as many of the categories as you want. Best of luck to you all.


Anna said...

i win i win i win i win!

Anna said...

um, the video is black and I am not going back in there with a light to wake her up so...

in my head I won.

Kathy Haynie said...

Ok, I posted TWO photos!! Check out my blog!! And while you're at it, you ought to read those long boring posts on MY blog. I know, I know, blog posts are supposed to be short and witty, but I want to do what I want to do. Wah, wah. These are a couple of things I wrote for my PSU writing class, and I rather like them. Oh wait, I remember, this is supposed to be all about Katie! So go check out the photos. You better make a comment so I know you saw them.

Kathy Haynie said...

Wait, no fair - I was just hitting "Publish" when Anna's post came on -- it's a tie!!!

Anna said...

I beat KATHY!


except not really because there is no proof

Lisa Lou said...

remember how I posted a few days ago about going to the zoo and I was WEARING THE BAG??? I won the contest before I even knew there WAS a contest. I am just that awesome.

Erin said...

Man I should have looked sooner. I know I've worn the scarf you gave me Freshman year, but I'm positive there are no pictures of it. I will run home NOW and do that.

I love the Little Prince SO much. And it's thanks to dear Emiley. Also no pics of that. But I'm not about winning, you know? I just like to see how you're doing and read your really funny blog.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Okay, Katie...the pics are up for you on the family website. Sorry I can't post a link because most of the people here wouldn't have access to it.

alee said...

We officially enter the contest! Check our blog...we are bound to win something!