Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things that make me 63

-Driving in the snow when it is up to my knees.
-When people make me out to be uptight just because I'm on top of things or ahead of the game.
-People who wait until the last minute and things still work out for them.
-Being told two different things about the same thing by people who should be telling me the same thing.
-Car problems.
-People who have no sense of punctuation.

Okay, okay I'll stop. But today was lame. And full of more snow than I think I've experienced in my entire life combined. And too many turns on State Street when I was trying to find a building that I never did find. And stupid people telling me the wrong thing. And a flat tire that I drove home on because I was so 63 by the time the guy in the turn lane got out of his car during a red light and told me it was flat that I was too emotionally unstable to ask someone at a gas station for help to fill up the tire. Uggkadsklfjkddlakjdijkdklsjd'pqkld/;x. Anyway, at least the apartment is clean now and all the Christmas decorations are put away. Sigh...


Stephanie and Todd said...

lol, I'm sorry you had a bad day! and I guess you never made it to wherever you were driving when we were talking! Oh, and I hate the snow too!! Hope tomorrow is better! :)

Stephanie and Todd said...

Oh, and I was wondering what this "63" thing is all about... kinda weird!!

Emily said...

I'm sorry! I hope tomorrow is better! I love you!!!

Kathy Haynie said...

Love you, Katie. Sending hugs. Wish I could be there. Better yet, wish Mark could be there to fix the tire.

Lindsay said...

:( I hate the driving in the snow thing too. But your blog background is really cute. >)

Marae said...

i love cupcakes
(the sight of them, i mean)

"things just work out for me."

let's play as soon as the wretched snow is gone. or sooner, if it stays.