Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goodbye Subaru

Well, it's been a big deal in our lives, but it seems like kind of a lame thing to post about. Maybe that's because we've told so many people exactly what happened that I'm pretty bored with the story now. But I feel like I ought to fill you in before we go posting pictures of a new car sometime.

Since I didn't have work last Friday and Bryan only had work until 11am (no classes ever on Fridays- yay!) and Monday the 16th was a holiday, we decided to get out of town for the weekend. I have a strong testimony of getting out of the state whenever possible. Anyway, so we wanted it to be a cheap vacation, so we thought of places we drive to that would be fun. It kind of inevitably needed to be near somebody we knew so we could stay somewhere for free too. :) Bryan's been wanting to visit San Francisco ever since we got married and I have a couple of sisters in the area, so we decided to go there. My mom and step-dad were actually going to be visiting my sister Polly that weekend and Angela and her family were out of town (sad, sad day as they are the ones that give the killer tours of San Fran), so we made arrangements to stay with my brother-in-law Chris's parents, the Lasts.

Bryan and I were just plugging along I-80 enjoying ourselves while we listened to Harry Potter on tape when we had to stop (the whole freeway was stopped) because there was an accident up ahead. It was snowing like crazy and the roads were terrible, so we weren't surprised. Then about a minute after we stopped I remember looking over at the driver side window (Bryan was driving) and wondering if it was still there. The car behind us must not have seen everyone's break lights soon enough because they didn't stop. Luckily, since we were in the left lane the car tried to go around us on the left side and hit our driver side door rather than rear ending us.

As it turns out, I was right to wonder whether or not Bryan's window was still intact. When the car hit us it pretty much only hit the driver side door, leaving us with no window and no rear view mirror on that side, and a door that wouldn't quite close and that now opens only about 2-3 inches. Bryan got out of the car to check on all the other people involved. (The car that hit us then hit the car in front of us, who then hit the car in front of them. Luckily we didn't hit anybody at all and both of us are completely fine. No worries about that.) Meanwhile, I called 911 who said the police dealing with the accident up ahead would be there soon to deal with us. Then I called the Lasts to let them know that we wouldn't be getting in any time soon. But before I even got to that part Chris's mom asked if we were okay (I was crying out of shock, so she had more than one reason to ask) and said that as soon as we knew where they were going to take us to call them back and they'd come and rescue us. I didn't fully appreciate in that moment how much we would need rescuing, but after we were led off the freeway to a McDonald's parking lot, how stranded we were began to set in. I thought it was rather wise of the police to lead us to a fast food parking lot so we could still get something to eat and use the bathroom and such, until I walked up to the door to go in and saw that the restaurant part closed at 10pm (it was a little after that by the time we got there) and the drive-thru closed at midnight. Bryan even walked through the drive-thru at one point later on to ask if I could use the bathroom, but they said no. Meanies. After sitting in our very cold car (we covered the broken window with an extra blanket which kept the snow out, but not the cold) for a few hours, we were so excited to see the Lasts and ride all the way back to their house in a warm car... in the back seat. We piled all of our stuff in the car and left a key for the tow-truck to get it whenever he got there. The Lasts were extremely kind to us. They even insisted that we borrow one of their cars to drive into the city so Bryan could still see San Fran and to drive to Polly's the next day to see everybody there.

San Francisco was pretty good, but we didn't see much of it since we slept in so late after everything the night before. We mostly just walked around Fisherman's Wharf, but it was still pretty good. The only downside to that excursion is that I had to drive because Bryan was the one who had been paying attention when the Lasts were explaining the maps to him. Driving around California in a really crowded place like that is extremely stressful. Especially when you are overly paranoid about getting in an accident. Anyway, we got lunch at a yummy sourdough bread place and then we had an ice cream sundae with peanut butter from Ghirardelli later on. After that we drove home.

On the wharf.

Yummy lunch.

So good ice cream sundae.

The next day we went to church with the Lasts and then visited Polly and Eric and their cute kids. Oh, and Mom and Vati and Maleena were there too. But they're not as cute (or noisy). Polly fed us really yummy veggie enchiladas and we visited Mom and Vati's bed and breakfast and then we drove back to the Lasts' house.

We had booked flights home on Saturday when we woke up before we went to San Fran and so on Monday Polly came and picked us up from the Lasts' and fed us lunch and then took us to the airport. It was one of the most boring airport experiences I've ever had in my life. Usually I at least bring a book or travel games or something, but as we didn't plan on flying when we left the house, we pretty much had nothing with us. By the time we got up in the air it didn't matter much that we were so bored because the flight was so choppy that I felt sick much of the time. I told the flight attendant that I felt nauseous and asked if I could have some Sprite to go along with my juice and he hurried off to get it before he even handed the last drink he had in his hand. Bryan said when I said that people turned around to look from as far as two rows up ahead. So, even though it was a terrible flight, I must say that I have never been so well-attended to by flight attendants. I guess if you ever want to get really good service just tell them you feel like you're going to puke.
Lisa picked us up from the airport and took us home. Thanks again, Lisa. :) Thanks also to the Lasts and to Polly and to Kendra and Chris that have let us borrow their van to run errands and for me to drive to work on a number of occasions as well.

Now we're just waiting to get things finalized with the insurance company. They say they're pretty positive the car is totaled. Hopefully we'll be able to get the whole thing settled soon so we can go ahead and just get a new car.
The end.


Jenn said...

wow, sounds like a crazy little outing out of the state. Glad ya'll are okay.

Holly-O said...

oh man. don't you love what life throws at you sometimes? hope san fran was still fun though.. steve and i are going there in a couple weeks!

Nancy said...

Holy moly. What an ordeal! I'm glad you got to enjoy some San Francisco treats in spite of it all. Jealous I am that Ghiradelli was open for you. I wanted to take Scott there, but it was closed for some reason. Keep us updated on your car!

emmalou said...

That sundae looks super delicious and probably made it all worth it, right? Yum. :) But I'm a little confused because Maleena made it sound like you guys came to Oregon for the weekend. I guess I misunderstood her.

Lisa Lou said...

I'm glad you are ok. Also, I like that you posted pictures of your food. I wish I had a camera so I can start doing that with some of the experiments I try to make.

Holly Mayer said...

Well I am very glad you are all okay. Nothing like an accident to make you paranoid though. Hope you will get a cool newish car soon. next time come to Idaho!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Should you ever decide to come out to see more of San Francisco, we'd love to have you again!