Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Her Name is Holly the Elephant

I mean Oliphant. But I call her Weez. I'm trying to win a contest, so I'm posting something about her. Here comes a freshman year memory.

One night during Thanksgiving break when most freshman had gone home to celebrate with their families the few of us who were left decided to go on a little adventure one night. I'm not sure what prompted the idea or which part of it came first, but we made masks out of pieces of white computer paper (not so sneaky) and called ourselves a secret combination and ran up to all the other floors in U-Hall (DT) writing things (sometimes mean, sometimes nice, all really intelligent I'm sure) on the bathroom mirrors with dry erase markers. Things along the lines of "You really should just go back to bed. It's not going to get any better," or "You look great!" depending on whether we were feeling guilty for writing on the mirrors at that point. We were all wearing those masks and our pajamas. Weez's p.j.s were bright orange with crabs on them. It's amazing with sneaky outfits like that we weren't caught. I think we would have been had there been anyone around to do the catching.


Holly-O said...

haha. well we almost did get caught on one floor... but with our mad skills we were able to escape down the stairwell. i will think of something equally cool to that night to give you now. that thanksgiving break is still one of my favorite memories from the whole year. thanks for playing hotness! :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said... you've confessed to the whole world on the internet...BYU Police will be knocking on your door any minute.

Katie Lewis said...

I was going to say, "Yeah right, Polly. There's no way they'd punish us for using dry erase markers- they wash off," but then I remembered that in Provo sidewalk chalk is considered vandalism. I have got to get out of this place.

Marae said...

once i knew someone named poops oliphant. i don't think she was related to holly, though.