Sunday, March 1, 2009

Picking a Brand Name: Not as easy as picking your nose

So I was at a baby shower a week or so ago where I had taken as a gift a set of three white onesies which I had sewn felt pictures onto (an owl, a car, a star- boy baby shower). I have given away similar onesies before, but mostly to family members and ward members who aren't quite as posh. I was a little worried taking this handmade gift to a baby shower for a girl who I knew wasn't quite as homespun as I am. I was relieved when she opened them and was genuinely smiling. And then I was thrilled when she passed them around to her friends in designer clothes and they went absolutely nuts over them. Several commented that I could sell them--an encouraging comment from the ladies who have the money to buy designer things. That really got me thinking.

Last summer Bryan and I sold homemade granola at the Provo Farmer's Market and we did pretty well, except I got super tired of making granola and we didn't make a huge margin of profit since the ingredients were spendy, even when buying bulk. I took my possible lack of enthusiasm into consideration as I started thinking about committing myself to making onesies and here are the pluses: I can do it sitting down. I can stop in the middle of something (unlike the granola which I had to be present since the oven was on and the granola needed to be stirred halfway through baking-uhg). The materials don't expire. The only real cost of materials to consider is the onesies themselves since I already have a large bag of felt and to replace it is only about 20 cents/ sheet. The downside is that I typically make a mess of the couch while I am working on them since I mostly work from very small scraps.

When I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago I saw some hair clips that were made of felt (and a hair clip) and they were pretty adorable. I borrowed some of my niece's hair clips to experiment with and I made a flower, a bird, and a popsicle. They turned out pretty cute AND my niece loves them. And they would be even cheaper to make than the onesies since the only real cost of materials there is the clippies themselves.

So I thought this whole thing over for a little while and discussed it with Bryan and yesterday we/ I went around to kiosks in the mall and a few of the baby boutiques here in Provo collecting business cards and information about how the stores typically went about buying from new sellers (such as myself). The store that was the most helpful/ informational about it said that at their store for a sample presentation they require samples of the products, the cost I would sell them to the store for (then they double the price), and my own brand name and tags. Since I have made these things before I'm not worried about samples and figuring out the cost seems simple enough, but I feel utterly inexperienced when it comes to creating a brand name and tags. And so I am looking to all of you eager readers for great ideas.

My goals in coming up with a name are (if at all possible): something trendy and adorable, something which at least somewhat describes the product, something which fits both the clips and the onesies (it seems silly to have two separate names), something which doesn't sound overly girly (I plan on making the onesies for boys as well), something easy to spell correctly and something which will make me rich and famous.

Bryan and I spent a while thinking up names last night and this is what we have come up with. So far my favorites are Sprused Goose, Filz, and Sammy Jaybird. Please feel free to vote on your favorite(s) or to please please come up with your own cool name and give it to me free of charge. (By posting it on here I will assume you are giving it to me free of charge and will never expect any reimbursement for your genius idea. After all, it's not like I've sold anything yet. Also, if you are reading my blog and you steal one of these names I will come after you for money because you did not think of it meanie head.)

Worms & Wiggles
Dapper & Darling
Spruced Goose
Elegant Elephant
Granola Baby
Beloved Babe
Tidy Tulips
Snobby Snicklepants
Bird’s Nest
Tiny Threads
Fine Twine
Teensie Weensie
Ugly Olga
Schickimicki (trendy in German)
Sammy Jaybird
Felt Schmelt
Filz (felt in German)
Exalante Elephante
Squirmy Worm
Needle Blossom
Pine Tree
Wiggly Worm
Snuggle Bubble
Trendy Trunks

Also, if you have any cool ideas for design free of charge (or maybe for some free samples of onesies and/ or clippies) let me know. Maybe we can work something out.

P.S. I will try and post some pictures of the actual products soon since many of you have never seen them before and have no idea what I am talking about. Thanks everyone!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Well, I'll have to think about a name, but how about also doing burp simple ones like I make, but you could do a coordinating pattern in the corner. You could do a combo/gift pack of onesies and burp cloths for like $10 or $15 bucks.

Katie Lewis said...

Thanks for the idea, but I have no desire at this point to work with fabrics that I'll have to cut and do any kind of seam finish on. That's why I love the felt. :)

Anna said...

I really like Spruced Gooose. Also, that is pretty exciting. I want to see pictures of the clippies. I will try to think of other baby accessories.

Chris's favorite is Snobby Snicklepants. He says it sounds like something he would by because it sounds a little playful. He would like a person who made clothes and named them snobby snicklepants.

Word verification: taggies (coincidence?)

The Sabeys said...

Um... I love Abbi's clippies. And if I were ever as cool as you and made something to sell I would name it "Cameo's Creations" and the logo would be a profile of a girl just like real Cameos. But since your name isn't Cameo, you probably don't want to use that idea. So I have no suggestions. But if you want to make a onesie for me so I can add it to the pile of baby clothes that I am not using I would love it :) And just so you know... this makes you 10 tims cooler than me.

Nathan said...

I really super like Sammy Jaybird. Because Sammy could be for both boys and girls. And maybe you could get Soaps to agree to model for you for really cheap because shes a baby.

Lisa Lou said...

I like Sammy Jaybird too. I really love the name Sammy. and Jaybird sounds trendy and cute-sy. I like "Filz" too, and maybe if you combined it with something like "Filz & Sage" it could become the new baby "Abercrombie & Fitch"

emmalou said...

I like the sound of Sammy Jaybird. This could be really awesome--it seems like something people in my ward would totally fall in love with. Let me know when you are ready to expand into the West Linn/Lake Oswego market and I will see what I can do. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

I am NOT just copying all these other people...

I like "Sammy Jaybird" best. I think you should have a really simple line drawing of a bird for your logo.

And someday you should get over your fear of seam finishes. Flannel is not intimidating.

Marae said...

I have seen these cute onesies that you talk of and I adore them. now the fact that you create them makes me adore you even more (if that is possible).

My vote is spruced goose.

Good luck!


Holly Mayer said...

at school here they have a sewing class for kids and baby clothes I have thought about taking it but have not made up my mind yet. Good luck

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Comment about Mom's and Holly's comment:

I agree, flannel burp clothes...the way I make them...which I think are Mom's brain-child...are very fast and easy. They're pretty plain, but your cute feltsies could make them look cool. For anything you're planning on making and selling though, you have to be able to do them reasonally quickly or you won't be able to make enough to make it worth your time.

Good luck with the class on sewing baby and kid clothes, Holly. I thought it would be fun once upon a time and bought some patterns and made a few. It didn't take me long to decide that for me, it's a lot more work than it's worth for the price they can be bought for...all those snaps, buttons, and extra hems and things are a huge pain. It is kind of fun to do if you have something very specific in mind or want something to match.

Stephanie and Todd said...

These sound really cute!! My vote is "tiny threads." It sounds cute and professional!