Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sammy Jaybird official grand opening!

Ta-da! You are all now welcome to visit the official Sammy Jaybird blog to view the products, prices, and beautiful logo (designed by the wonderful Nancy Jones. You can look at her great stuff here.) While I'll admit that the pictures are... not so impressive, I've had so many requests to post pictures that I thought I'd better go ahead and just put some up already. If the weather stays nice and the babies are happy and available, much nicer pictures with babies inside the onesies will be up within a week or so. Anyway, without further ado, you can click here to visit the Sammy Jaybird blog. Enjoy!

And please- spread the word! Ten points to anyone who makes a post on their blog about the Sammy Jaybird blog. Thanks for all your support! Enjoy the pictures!


Kathy Haynie said...

I already sent the Sammy Jaybird link to Kelly Springer, and I'll tell Dorothy about it too...maybe put it in our Relief Society I think I get 10 points! What do I get for my points?

Emily said...

I put the link on my blog! Do I get 10 points too? :) hehe. thanks for your cupcakes - yummy.