Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sammy Jaybird is now on Etsy!

Click here to see the new site. And a big thanks again to Nancy Jones for all of her hard work and beautiful graphic design on the new Etsy site, blog, and everything else I've asked for her help with.

Also, I don't think I wrote about it on here, but Kid-to-Kid in Lindon, Utah recently (just this week) bought a very large order of Sammy Jaybird onesies and hair clips. It is so exciting to feel the joy of success! This order also requires special thanks to my wonderful husband Bryan and sister-in-law Lisa for spending hours helping me cut out tons of little felt pieces and, in turn, helping me remain sane.

Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm! I am having so much fun with Sammy Jaybird!


Stephanie and Todd said...

Way to go Katie! They are so cute, CONGRATS!

CK Morgan said...

The onesies are darling! I love the crane one. Good for you! oh, and we are so excited you are having a girl.