Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Baby Needs It

Lisa and I often find ourselves saying this on outings when we find basically anything that looks cool. However, I think the baby probably doesn't need everything I see. So I thought I would do a copy cat (meow) of a post my friend Nancy made a little bit ago to get some advice about what my baby girl does actually need. Or what I'll need for the baby. I'll start by making a general list of some things we already have (that we either bought/ were given/ or are on loan from my sister) and then please make comments telling me what else I should get (or what you would recommend I get more of) and what brands you love best and all of those kinds of great things. Also, if there are things you would recommend steering clear from, please let me know about those things too. Thanks everyone.

Here's a list of some things we already have:
-crib & mattress
-diaper bag
-some clothes in varying sizes
-a few diapers and wipes
-lots of blankets
-a couple of crib sheets
-lots of stuffed animals
-bottles (just in case)
-a Snugly (maybe it's not that brand, but it's that kind of thing)
-lots of baby shampoo, lotion, etc.
-a few infant toys
-baby bath
-shopping cart cover thing
-Bumbo seat
-baby bouncer
-window shade things for the car

I know one of the things we still NEED to get is a car seat. I have one in mind, but I would really love to hear your opinions and preferences about car seats. So please tell me lots about that.

Also, as a last note, let me just say that if you don't have kids yet, but you still have something great to tell me about baby things, please don't feel bullied out. Tell me all the helpful things you have to say!

Thanks everyone!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Well, you've got most of the basics covered. I would say if you can borrow a swing, that could be useful, but I wouldn't buy one new because they can be hit and miss...some kids like them and some don't at all. You'll want diaper cream. We also love our Moby wrap. You may want a breast pump...but we'll be done with Kendra's by then I think and pass it on to you.

Anna said...

MAN I have some things to say about car seats. (Ahem). Well, first I should say that I am assuming you are getting an infant car seat and not a convertible one. If you are getting a convertible one...I have nothing helpful to say except that is very economical and annoying for you.

Here are some tips for you.

1. Before you buy a car seat get an employee to bring the display car seat out to the car so you can try it out. Some car seats fit better than others and some don't fit at all. Be sure to have the car seat handle in one of the "safe while driving" positions when you put it in.

2. Get one that has the strap you pull to tighten the harness in the front, not the back. I hope that makes sense.

3. Make sure you know how to loosen the car seat straps before you have the baby and are trying to put her in the car seat for the first time. That was embarrassing.

4. If you find a couple of car seats that you like ok, and you can't decide which one to pick, hold them to find the lightest one. I think we got a pretty heavy one.

5. European car seats (like Chico) have passed higher safety tests than American. I think American carseats are tested at like 35 mph and European ones are tested at 85 mph. I don't remember where I heard that, but I think it's true.

I think that's all I want to say about carseats.

Anna said...

How about a thermometer? Soapy hasn't ever been sick, but when she would scream and I didn't know why it was always really comforting to know she didn't have a fever.

Also, you cannot have too many rags and burp cloths. Those cheap-o washcloths at Walmart or the dollar store would do just fine.

Bumbos are awesome. I am really glad you have one.

It sounds like you are just about set! Hooray for babies!

Katie said...

I agree about the swing--We didn't buy one, we borrowed one and it turned out to be wonderful because sometimes it was all we could do to get him to go to sleep after trying everything else! Luke LOVED his bouncer too though.

When it comes to diapers--you will definitely use a lot at the beginning and you may be tempted to get the cheapest ones...I would stay clear of Parent's Choice brand though. I hated those the most for newborns (they leaked and were papery.) There's usually lots of coupons for Huggies and Pampers so take advantage of those and then when baby gets a bit older (2 mo+) you can switch to a cheaper kind (we used White Cloud from Walmart for a while til they discontinued it in the bigger sizes). LUVS are a pretty good happy medium.

Diaper Genie. Some people like them (we do) others don't think they're worth the money (it's not that much though) There are ways to make the most of the liners though--like only using them for the stinky ones and then it doesn't fill up as much and you don't go through too many refill liners. Anyway, that wasn't on your list. It isn't necessary, but it is convenient.

Lastly, you'll want some kind of support for nursing--especially for those annoying night time feedings when you have no energy whatsoever. Not to mention for the first 2 months that's all you do all day long--it will feel like you do nothing but feed the baby! (I watched a lot of movies and TV shows on DVD!) Anyway, you will want a boppie or something similar (I had a different kind of pillow than an actual boppie (it was a sleep support pillow), but it worked pretty good for both.

PS. I WILL get to the Farmers Market someday. I WILL. We live in Lehi now so it's harder to get down to Provo sometimes. But it will be fun to see your cute little onesies in person one of these days!

Katie Lewis said...

I have really loved and appreciated everyone's comments so far. Thank you! And I hope there is still more baby product advice to come from the rest of you!

KaeLee said...

Well, I have no kids, but do know quite a bit about baby stuff.

I'd go with the Chico brand of baby seat. Its an awesome seat and very easy to use. One thing that I really like about it is that the buckle pieces are metal, some companies have switched to all plastic. I'm talking about the piece thats on the strap that you put in the buckle, not sure how much sense that makes. Also, you may think you know how to install the car seat, but you dont, so take it to the fire station and have someone there do it for you.

I would recommend a wrap and/or Baby Bjorn, but dont have a preference as I've never used one for an extended time (like day after day, week after week, month after month). But when I was baby-sitting a little 3 month old that was the ONLY way to get her to stop crying and go to sleep.

Also, you're going to want something for the baby to sleep in while shes in your room, ie: bassinet (although I've heard those were a waste of money because they out grow them too soon), playpen , co-sleeper, whatever you want just something to stick her in in your room.

You probably wont need it at first, but you will want to get a monitor so start looking into those.

I'd recommend a couple of different kinds (brands) of binkies, you may be thinking that you dont want to use a binky, but when you have a screaming baby, that may be the only think to calm her down and you'll be glad you have them, and every baby has her favorite.

Also, I've heard the nightgowns that have elastic around the bottom are great for night time nursing and diaper changes... again no baby here, but thats the word on the street.

I've heard these are really great too: http://www.buzzillions.com/dz_151973_medela_quick_clean_micro_steam_bags_reviews

Dont bother with a) wipe warmer, they dry out the wipes and are a fire hazard, b) bottle warmer, waste of money, c) bottle sanatizer, again waste of money for what it does.

Also, you'll want to make sure you have the camera ready at all times, people can never get enough pictures of your baby!!!!

Congratulations by the way!!!

Jess said...

Hey Katie I just saw your thing on FB so decided to tell you what I found...

1. Diaper Genie. I am one of those people who really like it, it really does keep the smell away if you make sure to not let the diapers pile up. This way you don't have to go out to the garbage every few hours.

2. Sling. I got a more Baby Bjorn style thing and wished I had gotten a sling now that she is bigger because you can use the sling to rest baby on your hip when they get too heavy for your shoulders.

3. For the car seat I looked up consumer reports and the best rated carseat was Graco, it was a good car seat, but I personally would rather use a convertable car seat and not have to drag baby+car seat up many flights of stairs...if you don't have many stairs the infant are really nice.

4. For burp clothes we used cloth diapers. Those were wonderful, much more absorbent than the dinky little burp clothes you can buy.

5. Wipe warmer. I love this! When you have a tiny baby you will want to use anything that can keep her from crying and this does just that. We have Prince Lionhart or something like that from Walmart and it doesn't dry out the wipes. Unless you want to either a)let her cry for longer while you warm the wipe up in your hand or b)make her cry more by putting a cold, wet wipe on her bum you should get this...(I actually wouldn't have bought this for myself, but I received it for my baby shower)

Sheri E. said...

I would definitely recommend a Boppy or similar nursing pillow. It makes nursing a lot easier and you can also use it to support the baby in a sitting position. I love mine!

CK Morgan said...

We love our Baby Trend Carseat because it has a triangle handle on the top instead of just going straight across. This allows you to carry it at a lot of different angles. We also love teh jogging stroller that came with it because the wheels can go on everything at it is a much smoother ride for the baby. It is a bulky stroller though. Hmmmm...I think all babies should have a room with a ceiling fan in their house since they love looking at those however you probably can't do much about that in your place. Have lots of extra binkys because you can never find one when you need it most. I don't remember if you said you had a stroller already, but when we went to find one we looked at all the store models and made sure they were easy to fold up and didn't take up that much room (and could fit in our trunk). Also, with the carseat we thought we would just get a convertable one at the beginning but realized that the reason people get infant ones is because you can bring that with you wherever and the baby can just sleep in there so we decided on getting the infant one and haven't regreted it. We've never used a moniter, but our house is so small we can hear him anywhere :). If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Good luck!

Holly Mayer said...

I have a friend who has a kids reveiw site, I always check it before I buy kids stuff. It is www.babesandkids.com
besides that,
if you are planning to nurse you need a boopy. It will save your back. also get some shirts that will be easy to nurse in, like botton on the front, and something that will be easy to nurtse in at church. You will want a nursing cover too. Kendra made me mine and I loved it.

Carrie said...

I want to meet you, seeing that I'm one of lisa's bff's but it just hasn't happened yet...anyway...baby stuff...stock up on baby tylenol for when baby needs shots, put it in her system before getting the shot. Get a humidifier for when baby gets sick, it's the only thing you can do besides tylenol (to take the fever down) to help them. Sick babies are no fun.
A swing or vibrating chair is what will dave your sanity
and use the binky!

Sarah said...

I'll admit it, I've been blogstalking... :)

We love our snugly. Or, I guess it's a baby bjorn. Either way, we use it all the time. Its so much easier to just strap Elsie in that and go shopping then carrying around a big bulky car seat. Ours has a head support for when she's little, and then in fold down and she can face outwards when she gets big enough.

You can never have enough receiving blankets. We use them for everything. To swaddle Elsie when she was really little, as burp rags, we line her crib with them so when she makes a mess in it we don't have to change the whole sheets, as a hooter hider... we just use them a lot. The best ones are the really thin kind. My mom actually made us a bunch, and they're are simply a piece of fabric(a kind of fleece maybe?) that she surged the edges.

I'd also suggest getting a few nightlights. We have one in our bedroom and one in Elsie's room. It makes it really nice for nighttime feedings and changings so you don't have to turn on a big light or lamp to see. You might want to think about a baby monitor, too. We didn't think we'd need one because her room is so close, but someone gave us one anyway. Let me tell you, it has saved my sanity. As soon as we put Elsie in the other room, I started freaking out that I wouldn't be able to hear her(even though our doors were right next to each other and both were open). Having a baby monitor helped us all sleep better.

Stock up on diapers and ask for them at your baby showers. Elsie almost two months old and we haven't had to buy diapers yet. And they go through a lot of diapers...

If you're nursing, I'd say get a couple boxes of nursing pads too. I've heard people say they like having a boppy pillow, but I didn't find it necessary. I found using pillows just made everything feel big and bulky and like I couldn't move. But then, some people swear by them. It's just whatever you like.

Rae said...

I've heard that these large wrap-around pillows are great for nursing if you're going to be breastfeeding. Takes a lot of pressure off your back and arms.


Nancy said...

Woah, you've got some supportive commenters here, Katie. Thanks for sharing, cause it helped me too! And congratulations on the GIRL!

Chad and Bekah said...

I don't have a kid yet but I read every single one of these. How helpful! Thanks for doing the post GB =)

Kayce said...

You don't know me, but I lived in Germany when Bryan was there. I came across the blog on facebook, and thought I'd offer some advice.

I would get cloth diapers. They make the absolute best burp cloths because they can hold a lot, and you never know if your baby will be a power puker or not.

I always keep 2 bottles of tylenol around the house, because I am always bound to not find one when I need it. And always give it to the baby before shots. It is a HUGE difference.

I never wore my daughter with a sling, but it would have been nice. I hear they are really great.

I didn't have a bassinet for my daughter, we just had her co-sleep with us. It was easier to nurse, and I didn't have to constantly get up at night, go get her, nurse, put her back to bed, and then go back to sleep. It definitely helped with the sleeping, but I am getting a bassinet or cradle for our next. Getting the babies out of your bed is hard once you start.

I think that is about it. You have a lot of stuff already, and congrats on the baby! That is sooo great!