Saturday, May 9, 2009

Please check to see if your name is listed below

Dear Kendra, Lisa, Chris, Anna, Kegan, Nathan, Stacie, and David X-,

I tried to be nice and nonchalant, but- let's face it- it's you I'm talking to. Will you please post something (especially Nathan before you leave) so the private blogs on my blog list will drop to the bottom where I will remember to check them? Thank you for humoring me in my selfish and unimportant whims!

Katie :)


Nathan said...


walli (Yay Wall-E!)

Rachel and Todd said...

Yes for Farmers Market, too! I loved your lesson today. You are seriously an amazing teacher. I'm so glad it's you not me (I think I do more harm than good when I teach, haha)!

The Sabeys said...

Um... Katie... Why don't you just make a new blog list with private blogs?