Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Baby Question

Once again, after reading my friend Nancy's blog I have a baby question for you all. I'm sure I could find some random list online or in my pregnancy book or from the doctor, but why not ask you? I'd much rather hear your good advice and opinions and I'm sure you'll mention things and give me wonderful advice that I wouldn't find in a book. So, here's the new baby question:

What should I pack in my hospital bag?
(i.e. the bag that we'll have ready for when I go into labor and we need to head off to the hospital in a hurry)

This may sound stupid, but do I need to bring our own diapers and wipes and baby clothes and bottles in case we have problems breastfeeding, etc. etc.? Oh how naive I am!

Please shower me with your advice and opinions. I always appreciate them so much! Thank you!


Tyson and Kendyl said...

Hey Katie! Well, that is not a dumb question. The hospital provides bottles, diapers, wipes, baby lotion and really everything you need. I would take some comfortable clothes for you, some clothes for Brian, an outfit(maybe two just in case one fits better) for the baby to go home in, blankets and some person items for you. I know I packed way too much. Hope this helps and I hope you are doing well. When we come back to Provo, I will have to stop by and see the cute little girl.

Sarah said...

Bring your own pillow!! The hospital pillows leave much to be desired...

Greg Lewis said...

Make sure you have Bryan with you. He'll be pretty much useless, but nice to have him hold your hand.

Marae said...

how about the aquamarine soundtrack? you know, just in case.
i hear it's pretty boring there.

also, when i go to the hospital i'm going to bring a paper bag, just in case someone tries to take a picture of me.

my english teacher in high school said that you should bring/eat a whole chocolate cake, as it is relaxing (sedating?) and makes delivery much easier.

i was thinking about hospital gowns also, and it reminded me of the other day when elise spent a good long time accusing me of trying to get a muumuu for my wedding dress and begging me to reconsider.

tell baby hello for me, please!

Chris said...

We brought the laptop to do email and let people know everything went ok. Also, because Anna had to be induced we just sat there for 8 hours waiting. It was nice to watch Lost and Hulu and not think about the next hours. I doubt Bryan will get any sleep even if you manage to take a nap, so it might be nice for him too.
Will you go to UVRMC? I liked it there. They have nice recovery rooms with a chair that folds into a bed and they brought sheets in for me.
I walked down the road to pick up a pizza from little caesars and I got some juice from Macy's.
That was a pretty exciting time, actually. babies are fun.
Soapy's top two teeth came through a lot yesterday and you can see them when she does big grins.

Katie Lewis said...

Hahaha! Thanks Greg! :)

Jenn said...

I think the less stuff the better. You don't really wind up using it anyway. At least for me, I'd rather stay in the hospital gown the whole time cause you have people checking you, poking you, etc the whole time, and why not get the hospital stuff all bloody and dirty and not worry about your own stuff.
For me I've brought things to do, but don't really wind up doing them. I just feel like loungin' around. But, I would for sure bring your journal and make sure you write about the birth BEFORE you leave the hospital cause there's not time when you get home and you forget details and feelings if you wait for too long.

CK Morgan said...

I wish I had brought some really nice smelling lotion, shampoo and conditioner. It would have been nice to smell nice after giving birth. I was lucky and had the olympics on 24/7 when I had Jonathan but I had a whole season of gilmore girls on dvd there just in case (in fact, I watched an episode of gilmore girls at every night time feeding because that's how long they took about...i have all the seasons, let me know if you want to borrow). Also, some clothes for you would be good. I stayed in the hospital gown the whole time which was comfortable, but now when I look at pictures i think "what an idiot, that thing is hideous" :). by the way, i come home tomorrow but Clark and I have to head up to middle of nowhere UT Saturday to attend my cousins farewell the next day. Do you have fun plans?

Katie said...

This is a very good question to ask and I remember looking up several different lists online and in books and then deciding on my own what to bring. here are some thing I put in my bag:

Snacks, a DVD (though I was too busy to actually watch it), a book (I had tons of hospital stuff to read instead), do bring personal items--shampoo, etc. and 1 or 2 outfits for baby and a baby blanket. Slippers.

I remember wishing I had a hairdryer because i hadn't really planned on taking a shower. But I took a bath and then wished I had a hair dryer afterwards--but that's just me.

Change of clothes--although I'm pretty sure i wore the same thing leaving as I did coming in because it looked more comfortable than the change of clothes I brought.

Pillow--actually bring 2 if you want to sleep with your own and the other one for your hubby. My hubby stole mine to sleep with.

And I completely agree with the journal thing--Write it all down! Once you get home you will be WAY too busy to do so.

ali said...

i would say that with all my experience, i would bring cookies. they are tasty.

Unknown said...

Comfy clothes to go home in. Even though there is no baby, you are not much smaller when you leave, so bring roomy confy clothes. I agree with the shampoo ect idea. Hard candy was all my doctor would let me have while I was in labor. I would eat a huge meal before you go in though. They starved me while I was in labor and I just wanted to eat after giving birth. Hope this helps. Love you Kaite