Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Steal A Baby (not really)

DwellStudio Weekender Bag

Mostly I just wanted to post a picture of these because I think they are cool. A year or more ago I went to the Women's Expo at UVU with some sisters and friends and while there I signed up at a booth to get e-mails about great deals on baby stuff from a site called Baby Steals. (Click here if you'd like to go look at it yourself.) The site posts one "steal" a day and people can snatch it up until it's gone. Sometimes things go really fast and sometimes I think there is still some stuff left over at the end of the day. The major selling point for this site is that things are always at a big discount, usually 50% off or more. A lot of things are as much as 75-80% off the regular price. But here are my two main problems with the website and the reason I haven't "stolen" anything off of it as of yet:

1. Everything is still expensive even after so much of the price has been knocked off. For instance, today's steal (these sweet-looking weekender bags) are 70% off the regular price of... $253.00, meaning you will now pay $75.90. Now I can appriciate that that's a great sale, but it's still a bit much for a bag to pack your clothes in, especially when you already have sufficient luggage (like me).

2. Nothing on the website is ever necessary. It's not like it posts affordable things that you need to buy anyway at great prices. It posts cutsie designer things at lower-than-usual designer prices. Or organic designer things at lower-than-usual prices. One of the unnecessary things that often shows up on this website, for example, are these ridiculous things. ---->
They are socks that have rubber soles so that kids can slip their shoes on all by themselves. Personally, I think they look pretty dumb and seem impractical. Wouldn't you want to be able to wash your kids' socks? Maybe these are washable. I don't know. But I still think they are dumb.

Anyway, so obviously the fact that I never buy anything from this website and often scoff at the things it sells doesn't keep me from looking at it most days. I guess that just goes to show that sometimes window shopping is a little bit fun.


Breezy said...

Hey Katie! Found ya :) I demand a updated prego picture!!! I want to see your beautiful belly!!! :) :)

emmalou said...

haha.. that sounds like something i would do.
and unfortunately i'm not coming to utah anytime soon. traci and i changed our plans because she is driving here this weekend anyway.