Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Am Excited To:

-have my baby girl to come out of me!
-not be pregnant anymore!
-have my body back to myself!
-be skinn(ier than I was before I was pregnant... relatively soon after giving birth, I hope)
-go on walks with my baby in the stroller in the crisp fall weather
-play dress-up every day on an unsuspecting, helpless little girl who will have no say in the matter
-go on vacation! (Not that I have any planned, but just the thought of going somewhere more than an hour or two away is very exciting to think about. I feel like I have been under state of Utah arrest. If I had known this baby would be going nowhere so close to her due date I definitely would have left the state this summer. Oh well.)
-make trips up and down my three flights of stairs without being completely winded
-wear long-sleeved shirts
-wear sweatshirts
-wear sweaters
-wear my cute shoes!
-have a wardrobe with WAY more variety
-never look at my maternity clothes again (until I'm pregnant again and feel a sense of gratitude for them once more. Probably by then I'll fool myself into thinking they're cute again.)
-eat a normal amount of food and be full for a normal amount of time
-only go to the bathroom a handful of times a day
-have an appetite
-be able to bend over and pick things up in two seconds instead of two minutes
-start working on Christmas presents
-decorate for fall!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Hey sis...I hate to break the news to you...but for me at least...my wardrobe is somewhat more restricted...cause I'm still not the size I was before I was prego...and now that I'm breastfeeding, some outfits are out. But I can see being excited for all the rest of the stuff. We're excited for you!

Rachel and Todd said...

You'll definitely feel skinnier. Promise. After having Henry I felt so skinny even though I definitely didn't fit in my pre-prego clothes. Not having a huge bowling ball in your belly makes you feel skinny no matter what. It's nice. I almost forgot about pregnant life until reading your blog--bending over, eating normal amounts of food and being full for normal amounts of time, etc. Makes me not so excited for another one . . . kind of. Love you, Katie! P.S. I'd love to see your and Brian's family blog!

Sarah said...

I'll second the breastfeeding bit. I was so excited to get my regular clothes out of storage... only to realize that half of them had to go back in storage because they lacked 'easy access'. And just remember, 9 months up - 9 months down. I still get discouraged that I don't fit into any of my pre-prego fitted clothes... but I've dropped two sizes so far! It takes some work, but we'll get there!

alee said...

You are excited to exercise?!? I never thought I would see the day!

:) Good luck with it all...make sure we are invited to your new blog...I think we are, right?

Kathy Haynie said...

Well, at least you can start decorating for fall while you're waiting...


Stephanie and Todd said...

Katie, I love you and this post! I laughed the whole time!