Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introducing the Crafty Blogs

As you may have guessed from yesterday's post, I've been a little bored lately. Or I've had a lot of free time anyway. After the thrill of Text Twist wore off (kind of- heh heh) I started doing more productive things like reading the next book in the Little House series (I finished The Long Winter in almost a day- ironic), going to the twisty slide playground with my sister and her cute kids, and... dun dun dun... getting addicted to the copy and paste functions here on my lap (i.e. laptop).

My friend Lindsey is always doing crafty things she found on other blogs and then blogging about them and it has finally gotten the better of me. Today I spent at least an hour just now looking through a lot of the craft blogs listed on her blog, copying and pasting the tutorials I like. I also spent way too much time on Etsy the other day copying and pasting pictures of things I'd like to try to make. (I now have a treasure trove of felt play food ideas, if anyone's interested.)

Copying and pasting is good for me for two main reasons:
1. It makes me feel crafty without having to actually attempt the craft right that moment (i.e. fulfills the craving).
2. It makes it so I can actually find the inspiration/ tutorial again when I want to get down to business. I am admittedly an internet idiot and often have problems trying to navigate back to a page I was at two minutes ago. Finding a page I was at two days ago is pretty much a near impossibility for me unless I mark it somehow or happen to get really lucky.

Some of the tutorials I was most tempted by when I was poking around today were the quiet book tutorial, the letter bean bag tutorial, and the baby crinkle squares tutorial. (I just want everyone to be appropriately impressed that I just found all of those links again. Ta-da!)

Perhaps after my meeting (that starts in a few minutes) I will come home and be crafty in some great way. Wish me luck.


Lckevan said...

Hooray! I'm excited to see what you make! Keep us all posted.

ps. I have all of those tutorials bookmarked too. I have started the bean bags and the quiet book. So exciting!

Unknown said...

I totally know what you mean by how you can be fulfilled at crafting without having to actually make anything as long as you copy and paste enough potential projects into your files.

Let us know what you make! I should email you some links I've been squirreling away. You just might get to them before I do!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i am right there with you. i'm so addicted to craft/design blogs it's ridiculous. i actually started my own too, to just post about random stuff/crafty stuff i do/make. check it out sometime.