Friday, August 7, 2009

Martha Stewart Richy Pants

Ugh. So I love Martha Stewart crafts because they are always (usually) so stylish and fresh-looking. However, they tend to make me a little crazy because the materials involved are often very expensive or very hard to come by. Oilcloth, for example. I found a really cute Martha Stewart pattern yesterday when I was poking around, but it calls for oilcloth. No problem, I thought, I'll just get some at Jo Ann's. Except Jo Ann's doesn't carry oil cloth. Neither does Hancock Fabrics. And the tacky little fabric store we passed on the way home and checked at had one roll of oilcloth, but it was the ugliest stuff I've ever seen and was pretty depressing to look at compared to the delightful little patterns Martha was showing off. Sad, sad day. I did just find a ton of really cute oilcloth when I googled it just now and it's only about $7 a yard which isn't too bad since I need less than a yard, but I'm too depressed to buy it online now. And I want to make it today.

The moral of this story:
Butterfingers is easy. Oilcloth is hard.


Katie said...

oH i KNoW! I wanted oilcloth for this:

and these:

and I still haven't made either of them.

Katie Lewis said...

I am weeping with you, Katie.

Lindsay said...

wow-i don't even know what oilcloth is. But the projects sure look cute! If I ever come across some that is cute...I will purchase it!

Kathy Haynie said...

Oilcloth is from my generation. We used to use it for tablecloths and things like that. Now we use vinyl. Maybe a cute vinyl fabric would work just as well?? Or does this crafty craft need to have that vintage feel?

Katie Lewis said...

Yeah, I thought of using vinyl, but it definitely needs oil cloth. I did find some really cute stuff online, but it's expensive. Sad day. Well, it's not THAT expensive, but when you're only buying a little bit it is. Maybe someday I'll get a bunch and make lots of fun things out of it.