Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Silly Me

Here I was trying to hurry and get the apartment clean and get things done before the baby came and now I'm sitting around with nothing to do but wonder why my body doesn't want to go into labor... and thinking about eating Oreos with chunky peanut butter. Mmmm. Here's a bit of what I have done the last little bit:

-copy and pasted a ton of craft ideas and recipes from blogs
-finished reading the entire Little House series
-read the first two books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series (so funny, by the way. I recommend them for a fun afternoon read if you're looking for a laugh.)
-listening to Pandora a lot
-playing a lot of computer solitaire and text twist
-go on walks with my sister and our friends here in the quad
-go on college campus visits with my sister-in-law Alison (Hooray for the BYU golf carts and the free ice cream at UVU!)
-went to the canyon for a fun picnic with some extended family last night
-went to a family reunion last week
-celebrated my sister-in-law Lisa's birthday- woo woo!
-sewed a birthday present for my niece who turns three soon
-made soap for a family night activity on Monday

I've been trying my best to keep busy so I don't go crazy, but it's getting hard to think of things to do. For better or worse, I'm not super interested in starting projects that I can't finish in a day. I have this phobia of starting a huge project and being in the middle of it when I finally do go into labor and then coming home with a new baby to the apartment being a huge mess, not to mention an unfinished project. Although I have considered doing this just to test the power of irony, hopefully getting labor going. Meh. Anyway, today is definitely a solitaire and Pandora kind of day since I have NOTHING planned until Enrichment tonight. Thank goodness for that. And for Oreos. Speaking of which, I've got to go. Think happy going-into-labor-right-this-moment thoughts for me!


alee said...

I think that this is exactly why pregnancy is a whole nine months or more...because you are so ready to be done that you will do anything, like give birth for example. At least that is what I have concluded from everyone's pregnancies around me! :)

Good luck...she is just stubborn like her mother :)

Katie Lewis said...

I've had that thought many times- that it's only at the end of pregnancy when you're SO sick of it that you'd do anything that you're actually okay with the idea of a baby coming out of you and being in a ton of pain. Perhaps it's mounting insanity? Probably.

Stephanie and Todd said...

You are so funny, you make it sound like you are past your due date! I will probably be the same, but for now I can laugh at you! :) and I hope you do have her soon so we can come down to see her before school starts!!