Friday, October 30, 2009

Hee Hee Ha Ha Ha Giggle Giggle...

My bro has started a blog for funny clean videos called...

Funny Clean Videos

You can find it here. Here's his schpeel...

"I wanted to invite everyone to check out the new blog I created with a few classmates. The blog is called Funny Clean Videos. We realized that there are a lot of funny and appropriate videos online, but its often hard to find them because of all the junk out there. I think the videos are pretty entertaining, and we will be updating with new videos three times a week, so check back often.

This is a class project, and part of our grade is determined by the number of visits generated, so please tell your other friends and family about it!!
If you have a blog (as I know many of you do) please consider adding a link to my blog from yours."

"Also If you have any funny clean videos please let me know."

So what are you waiting for? Go have yourself a little laugh. So far my fav is the bloopers part of the Chinese Backstreet Boys video. Way funny. For reals. And I'm not just saying that to get my brother a sweet grade. But for reals. Go look at his blog!


The problem with maternity pants is that as soon as you start wearing regular pants you practically pee your pants trying to get a belt, button, and zipper undone.

Pants, pants, pants. Apparently there's no other way to say it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little of What I've Been Up To Lately

I made a ton of posts today. Be sure and scroll down to see the others.

In case you missed me or wondered what I've been doing lately (or in case you thought I'd just been sitting on my tush all day long) I thought I'd post a bit about what I've been up to lately...

Cutting out these with plans to make this

Sewing a blessing dress for the big O

Sewing a door bumper for the big O's room
(I like to check on her when she's sleeping and this doodad keeps my late night check ups from waking her up. I got the directions for it from one of my old Martha Stewart Baby magazines. I looked for it forever on the Martha Stewart website, but, alas, their search engine is beyond terrible, so no link for this one.)

Close-up of the door bumper.
Basically you sew some hair ties inside a little tube of fabric and stuff it with batting.
Easy as that.

Sewing all of the cards I received with gifts for the big O into this nifty little book
(Thanks to Kendra for teaching me her sweet bookbinding skills)

It keeps all those cards neat and tidy and makes a nice decoration for her room.

Sewing a few of these as a demo for an upcoming Relief Society craft day

Making one of these in order to practice my skills so I'll be really great at it by Christmas time

Making one of these to add to our fall festivity
(I really like this and I love the way it looks in our home, but practically every time I look at it I think it says "autism.")

(Easy directions for making this here.)

Sewing some leggings for the big O

and, last, but certainly not least,

transforming this into an easel
(I'll post plenty of pictures when I finish it.)

Maybe next I'll re-organize the pantry.

Well, I hope you enjoy all of the posts from today. I hate to do so many all at once, but at least for now that seems to be the only way it's going to get done. Have a nice day!

Halloween (gingerbread) House

We're staying home for Christmas this year (instead of going to one of our parents' houses) and, although I was bummed about it at first, I'm really looking forward to it now. I'm looking forward to it so much, in fact, that I've started making a list of all the things I want to do over the Christmas break. One of the things on that list is to make gingerbread houses (hopefully with our friends/ neighbors who will be spending the holidays here as well). The catch is: I've never made a gingerbread house before. At least not a real one. I've made them with graham crackers, of course, but it's not quite the same. Anyway, I figured if I was going to do it right, I should probably do a practice run- you know, see how the recipe goes and everything. So, long story not so short, I decided to practice the whole thing on this Halloween (gingerbread) house. In my head it was definitely going to be a lot more spooky. Umm... right. As you can see, it turned out quite a bit more whimsical. And I was going to make a nice little green coconut lawn, but I finished the house and I was kind of just feeling done with the whole thing for now, especially since Halloween is this Saturday, meaning this lovely isn't going to be around that long. Anyway, here's the house in all it's not-quite-so-spooky glory.

I decorated the front with some cobblestone (Halloween plain M&M's). The lovely orange siding (Halloween Kit-Kats) goes all the way around the house.

The roof is made of Andes mints- two boxes worth. The sides are adorned with a slightly larger stone (purple Spree). The windows are made of tinted* glass... errr... I mean candy.

The cobblestone on the back is black gum-drops. I like the way it turned out, but I certainly don't plan to eat a black gum drop any time in the near future.

Bryan added the pig.
(I found him (the pig, not Bryan) in the Macey's parking lot a while back. Usually he lives on our microwave. I secretly love him.)

*By "tinted" I mean "slightly burned." As I was making the hard candy to pour in the windows the directions in the recipe didn't get the candy quite to that wonderful (and necessary) hard crack stage, so I let it boil a little longer. Umm... a little too much longer. When I peeked under the lid and checked it again my beautiful clear candy was turning brown around the edge of the pot. Sad. But I'm not overly sad about it since, after all, it is a Halloween house and it just kind of adds to the spooky factor to have dark windows. Hopefully I'll get it right next time though.

Tip 1: The recipe I was following (from one of my college cooking classes- if anyone is interested let me know and I'll post it) suggested using the candy mixtures that you use to make windows as the cement which holds the house together. The recipe says that you could use frosting, but that the candy hardens so much faster that it saves you a lot of time holding up gingerbread walls while you wait for frosting to harden. This made sense, so I went ahead and used the candy recipe (a second batch since the windows have to harden before you assemble your house) to put my house together and it worked great. The only downside was that I wasn't extremely good at navagating where the boiling-hot candy went, so I ended up with some drips and globs on my base and on the last wall of the house. I'm sure this could be prevented with some practice though.

Tip 2: When you're done, rinse the pot you make your candy in right away in HOT water. This will melt away the extra candy and keep it from ruining your nice pots.

Tip 3: Before you wash your pot, get rid of as much as possible of the extra candy mixture left in your pot by pouring it into something you can throw away so that the candy won't harden in your pipes. I don't suggest using a plastic cup. Otherwise you'll end up with this:
Happy Halloween this Saturday!
If anyone else makes Halloween houses please send me a link so I can see pictures!

Show Off... and pumpkins

For Relief Society tonight we're touring each other's apartments to get decorating and organizing ideas. I'm participating, so since the apartment is clean anyway I thought I'd do a little pre-show off for you here. So, come on in!

Welcome to our humble abode.
(Just promise you won't judge our bare walls or ugly carpet. I can't do anything about that.)
Umm... these pictures aren't really in any kind of order.

This Halloween (gingerbread) house makes our table so festive (and appetizing).
Oh, and, yes, there are a ton of mini pumpkins everywhere right now. We're having a Halloween shindig on Saturday and the pumpkins were bought as decorations for that. Otherwise there wouldn't be quite so many.

My nightstand. Check out my sweet-o journal that my sister Kendra made for me.

My old journals. Well, they're not all mine, but most of them are.
Only two or three of them are Bryan's.

A few of our games... plus a pumpkin.

The table where our phone (usually) is... plus a pumpkin and some other squash.
Check out the cool graduation picture of me that my sister-in-law made for me when I graduated from college. It is one of our favorite pieces of art on display in our home.

My favorite chair and our bookshelf of movies... plus some pumpkins.

Yep, it is. Not for long though. It was snowing here yesterday.
(Find easy directions here.)

Okay, I know the fridge is a bit cluttered, but I wanted to show off our calendar. I've talked about it before. We copied the idea from our friends. It's just a plain desk calendar stuck onto the freezer door with some 3M sticky tabs. I love it. We actually see it and use it!

A funky ghost trick-or-treat bag I made when I was a kid. It kind of has the monkey trap thing going on since the opening is at the neck. I don't recommend copying this idea unless you plan to just hang it up for decoration. Or unless you don't want your kids to be able to get very much candy out to eat.

A few of our plants... and a pumpkin.

Our sweet shopping list. If you don't have one of these you are totally missing out. I grew up with one at home and when Bryan was working at a wood mill last summer I asked him to make one for me. It's pretty basic. It basically takes the materials you can see in the picture. The paper is a roll of receipt paper.

Some Halloween candy... and pumpkins.

Our outside doors are metal, which is kind of weird, but it makes it possible for me to hang things on the doors with magnets.

This extra-strong clip magnet (...and pumpkin) hangs on our front door and is perfect for clipping things to that I need to remember to stick in the mail.

Toothbrushes... and a pumpkin.
I know what you're thinking: why do you have three toothbrushes? The third one is for Bryan's sister when she comes to stay with us sometimes. We don't have sleepovers that often, but I like to keep her toothbrush around in hopes that we will.

Back of the toilet... and a pumpkin and squashy thing.

Coffee table/ entertainment center (this is what our TV sits on).... and pumpkins/ weird squash.

The bookshelf in our front room... and a pumpkin.

Our friendly scarecrow... and pinecones!
Yeah, you thought I was going to say "pumpkin," didn't you?

This vase is full of some pinecones that I detached from a little Christmas tree we bought last year. I tied it off with a pretty brown ribbon.

A little ghost which I may or may not have stolen from home when I moved out to college.

Our crib doubles as a changing table. This saves on money and space, which is great in our tiny apartment.

My friend Alex made this nice little changing pad for the big O. We lay it down when we change her in the crib to keep the sheets from getting dirty.

The nice big armchair in O's room, along with Rocky the rocking chair (I bought it for $4 at Goodwill back in high school- talk about a sweet deal), and Charles the bear in the Bumbo.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

T-shirts to Baby Pants

I saw this tutorial for turning a long-sleeved shirt into leggings from Make It and Love It (one of my favorite crafty blogs as far as user-friendly, stuff-I-would-actually-make-and-use tutorials goes) and really wanted to make some for the big O. Unfortunately, I got rid of all the extra clothes we never wore a few months ago, so I went to DI and picked up some fun t-shirts for cheap. (I bought small girls' shirts to use instead of adult-sized shirts since I wanted the sleeves to fit her little baby legs.) I really had no idea what I was doing, but I decided to just take the plunge.

First off, I decided I'd save that tutorial idea for a few minutes and try making this cute little girl's t-shirt into a one-piece suit for the big O. Things were going fairly well until I messed up on the neckline/ sleeves and, well, basically ruined it.

This picture was taken after I had cut it apart. It started out as one piece.

Can you see how teeny tiny those sleeves got? The only thing in the house I could find that could actually wear this shirt was one of Bryan's old money stuffed animals.
(It is now quite the stylish monkey, if I do say so myself.)

So, like I said, I cut the shirt and pants apart and decided to just make O a cute little pair of pants. To do that I sewed a scrap of elastic right to the top edge of the pants.

Only problem is: there's not much room for her bum.

Still, I think they look pretty stylin' as leggings and under a dress, who's ever going to know?
(Ya know, except for everyone reading my blog.)

Next, I decided I'd actually follow those great instructions I found.
This attempt turned out much better.

Except that I overestimated on how long the pant legs should be. Oops!

I was going to cut them off and make them the right length, but then I decided that they were pretty cute all scrunched up like this and they'd keep her a lot warmer this way too. And I'm doing everything I can to keep this little girl warm. It already started snowing yesterday!

Oh, and when I was talking to my friend this evening she mentioned this post and how she wanted to make some pants for her little one who's coming soon and I told her a secret that I forgot to share with the rest of you. Instead of using regular elastic in this pair of pants I used old hair elastics. My hair is super thick, so I am always over-stretching my hair elastics. Instead of throwing them away, I've been saving them with the idea that I'd find a use for them sooner or later. Use found! To make the elastic band for O's pants I cut two stretched-out hair elastics together by going over them a ton of times (I've found this is easiest with a zig-zag stitch). Then I threaded the elastic through the pants, sewed the other ends of the hair elastics together the same way, and then finished sewing up the pants. It works great! I was a little worried at first that it might not be so comfortable, but then I remembered- duh!- she wear's diapers where the elastic is. What does she care? She doesn't. Happy recycling!

P.S. I made these pants a week or so ago and the big O wears them all the time. I've completely replaced her little baby tights with these since they're so much warmer. Success!