Wednesday, October 28, 2009

T-shirts to Baby Pants

I saw this tutorial for turning a long-sleeved shirt into leggings from Make It and Love It (one of my favorite crafty blogs as far as user-friendly, stuff-I-would-actually-make-and-use tutorials goes) and really wanted to make some for the big O. Unfortunately, I got rid of all the extra clothes we never wore a few months ago, so I went to DI and picked up some fun t-shirts for cheap. (I bought small girls' shirts to use instead of adult-sized shirts since I wanted the sleeves to fit her little baby legs.) I really had no idea what I was doing, but I decided to just take the plunge.

First off, I decided I'd save that tutorial idea for a few minutes and try making this cute little girl's t-shirt into a one-piece suit for the big O. Things were going fairly well until I messed up on the neckline/ sleeves and, well, basically ruined it.

This picture was taken after I had cut it apart. It started out as one piece.

Can you see how teeny tiny those sleeves got? The only thing in the house I could find that could actually wear this shirt was one of Bryan's old money stuffed animals.
(It is now quite the stylish monkey, if I do say so myself.)

So, like I said, I cut the shirt and pants apart and decided to just make O a cute little pair of pants. To do that I sewed a scrap of elastic right to the top edge of the pants.

Only problem is: there's not much room for her bum.

Still, I think they look pretty stylin' as leggings and under a dress, who's ever going to know?
(Ya know, except for everyone reading my blog.)

Next, I decided I'd actually follow those great instructions I found.
This attempt turned out much better.

Except that I overestimated on how long the pant legs should be. Oops!

I was going to cut them off and make them the right length, but then I decided that they were pretty cute all scrunched up like this and they'd keep her a lot warmer this way too. And I'm doing everything I can to keep this little girl warm. It already started snowing yesterday!

Oh, and when I was talking to my friend this evening she mentioned this post and how she wanted to make some pants for her little one who's coming soon and I told her a secret that I forgot to share with the rest of you. Instead of using regular elastic in this pair of pants I used old hair elastics. My hair is super thick, so I am always over-stretching my hair elastics. Instead of throwing them away, I've been saving them with the idea that I'd find a use for them sooner or later. Use found! To make the elastic band for O's pants I cut two stretched-out hair elastics together by going over them a ton of times (I've found this is easiest with a zig-zag stitch). Then I threaded the elastic through the pants, sewed the other ends of the hair elastics together the same way, and then finished sewing up the pants. It works great! I was a little worried at first that it might not be so comfortable, but then I remembered- duh!- she wear's diapers where the elastic is. What does she care? She doesn't. Happy recycling!

P.S. I made these pants a week or so ago and the big O wears them all the time. I've completely replaced her little baby tights with these since they're so much warmer. Success!


Sarah said...

Oh Katie... I love that you posted the picture of O's "no room for the bum"... hehehe =)
Fun projects!

Lisa Lou said...

I seriously laughed really hard at this post. Not that I was laughing AT olivia...just WITH know, picturing her trying to fit her buff baby arms in those little sleeves. I love the scrunch pants. Too bad they would look so hideous on an adult, unless you were in the circus or something, because they probably are super warm.

Ashley said...

The pants turned out perfect.......especially with some added length all scrunched up. Genious! And no biggee about the bum. Babies are hard to sew for because the diapers add so much bulk. cute! Thanks for the link!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Katie, you're awesome. I think it's great you added in all the things that didn't quite work out. Now we just need to see the picture of that stylin' monkey.

Nancy said...

Snazzy. I dig it. I need to make some stuff for Anne. I made a Halloween costume, but she didn't wear it!