Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This hardly deserves its own post

But it just didn't fit into any other category of what I want to write about today. So here they are, in all their glory....

Grocery Bag Milk Cartons

We re-use grocery bags quite a lot at our house
(most commonly as small trash bags and as my husband's daily lunch sack).
(I asked him if he'd use a nice lunch bag if I made him one and he said no.)

In order to store all these grocery bags we copied an idea I saw at my sister Kendra's house and did the following:

-Bought a gallon of milk
-Drank all the milk
-Cleaned the milk carton out
-Let it dry (no good to have soggy, sticky plastic bags)
-Cut a hole in the side (I used a knife)
-Stuffed a million grocery bags in*
*Side note- I prefer to stuff the grocery bags in one at a time so that when I pull one out I pull out just one instead of every grocery bag from our last shopping trip all bunched up together.

Yup. There it is again. Exciting, I know.


Lisa Lou said...

I love these. They kind of remind me of gran grans house. Probably because she has one.

Lindsay said...

I appreciate this...we reuse them all the time. This way they are contained!

Lckevan said...

My mom always put our grocery bags in a milk carton too! But she would roll them all up into little ball type things so she could just grab one. We all hated helping her roll up the bags when we were younger!

Marissa said...

I am totally stealing this idea!