Friday, November 13, 2009


Yeah, YOU. You know who you are. You're reading this right now. You've read my blog in the past. Yeah, yeah it really is YOU I'm talking to here. Here's what I'd like you to do. Two things, please. First of all, go to your blogger profile and add your e-mail address so I can reply to the neat comments you leave me. Don't know how to do that? I'll help you out.

Go to your blog.
Click on "customize" up at the top.
Click on "Dashboard" up at the top.
Click on "Edit Profile" (second option down next to your profile picture).
Check the box (third line down) that says "Show my email address."*
Scroll down a little.
Make sure your e-mail address is entered in in the "Identity" section.
Scroll all the way down to the bottom.
Click "Save Profile."
First task complete.

Second task? Please, please leave a comment on this post. Yeah, yeah it's really YOU I'm talking to. YOU who always leaves a comment, YOU who's been lurking off in the shadows pretending you don't read my blog when you really do, YOU who thinks you have nothing funny or good to say in a comment, YOU who has been too afraid of figuring out how to actually set up your account so you can leave comments, YOU who is ultra paranoid about getting too much spam if you actually sign up your blogger account (you won't-- scouts honor), YOU. I'll make it easy. I'm even going to tell you what to say.

-Tell me your first name.
-Identify yourself (i.e. "I am your sister." or "I am just a random person you've never met who's been reading your blog" or "I am Bryan's grandma." Etc., etc. (See, you didn't think I meant YOU, but I do.)
-Tell me your favorite popsicle flavor.

So easy! Everyone knows their name, how you know me (or that you don't know me) and your favorite popsicle flavor! "But why do all this?" you ask? Why, because I'd like to get to know you, that's why! And if you do all that mumbo jumbo about saving your e-mail address like I taught you then I can even make personal replies back to you! Now doesn't that sound fun? Okay, so play a long. Come out of the woodwook. Presume welcome (because, here, you always are). Won't you please come say hello today? Pretty pretty please with ice cream and strawberries and chocolate on top? Pretty pretty please with your very own personal reply from me? I promise to send a personal reply to anyone and everyone who comments today (who fixes thier e-mail address so I can actually reply) with a personal message. Promise, promise, promise. So play along! Tell me a bit about yourself. Oh how I wish you would.

*This doesn't just show your e-mail address to the world. It gives people the option to e-mail you. Then of course when they send you an e-mail they see your address, but it's not just published out there for all the world to copy and paste.


CK Morgan said...


CK Morgan said...

Ummm...i didn't write that first one. It must have been Clark. I am Kara. I am an old neighbor, and I like those orange cream ones.

Amanda said...

It's me, Teenwhiz. The very one. And I like red popsicles. Any red ones. :)

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

oh katie. you make me smile. i like strawberry popsicles and i already comment on your posts all the time!

Bridget said...

Hi. I'm Bridget. I knew Anna and Chris in Jordan. And I like banana popsicles unless we're including Dreyer's Whole Fruit bars in the equation and then it's LIME.

Kathy Haynie said...

Ah, I keep seeing that cute picture of Bridget - I've even checked out your blog a couple of times!
Hi Katie, I'm your mom. I love you and I think it's VERY COOL that you linked "presume welcome" to my blog today.
I don't like popsicles unless they're fudgesicles, but you already knew that. I guess banana popsicles are ok. (Ha ha - both are safe from Mark!)

Kathy Haynie said...

I think you should write a post about the occasion of the leis and the goggles and the ear protection. What's up with that??

David Mayer said...

My name is David Mayer, and I am your big, lovable brother. My favorite popsicle flavor is banana. (Actually, I like almost any popsicle flavor as long as it isn't sugar-free. I became addicted to them Arizona.)

I would leave comments on your blog much more often if your blog would let me. Last time I had to hit "submit" about 20 times over a four-hour period.

I really appreciate you directing so many people to my "Funny Clean Videos" blog. It is helping my grade a lot.

I love you Kate-Babe!!

Patricia said...

Hi, I'm Trish, the mother of your husband, and one of your sweet baby's grandmas. I like real berry popsicles. My kids call me a blog stalker, because I read often but comment rarely. But I say, hey, it's on the internet, it's out there!
Have fun with that sweet baby!

Sarah said...

Hi Katie friend! I'm Sarah, your now-seems-long-ago visiting teacher/dinner groupmate/lovesquare buddy =) I like the strawberry real fruit popsicles that I would get with my freshman dining plan from the BYU vending machines... and I think I might even have been the lucky one to have decorated you with those pretty leis in your picture =) I can't remember...

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Hi Katie, I'm Polly...some random person who just happens to be your big sister. (Read that David said he was your big brother...and and thought...whatever! he's the little brother...and then realized he is your big brother. My favorite popscicle flavor is the real fruit strawberry ones. You don't have to reply to me...just go to my blog and try adding my buttons, to make sure the text stuff I put in works. Love you!

Dorothy said...

Dorothy here, just another "Mom" type person who's known you FOREVER! Cool tip about the email thing on blogger. I didn't know that. Um...Strawberry, I guess. :)

ali said...

my name is alison.
i am your sister-in-law.
i like the red popsicles.
and i'm too lazy to do the email thing cause i'm a bum. so yeah. cool cool... LOVE YOU

Lisa Lou said...

Hello. My name is Lisa. I am your husband's sister. I like orange and red popsicles.
Good bye.

emmalou said...

My name is Emily. We are friends from girls camp back in the day, and then high school. Those days when we were like two peas in a pod. :) My favorite popsicle flavor would definitely have to be the fudgesicle.

David Mayer said...

I think Polly's comment speaks volumes. Apparently I am everybody's "little" brother... even though I am bigger than all of you.

Further proof that growing up with four sisters is more like growing up with five moms. ;-)

Emily said...

I am a roommate! And friend! :) And I don't like Popsicles all that much. But I LOVE Fudgsicles. :)

and you. :)

Chris said...

I am pretty sure you have my email address. I am Chris your brother-in-law.
I like eating anything that is pink. They are the best starburst, smoothie, popsicle, ice cream, and tuna.
also, nice job with all the comments. This is like a dream come true, huh?

Bryan Lewis said...

Hey. This is Bryan. You better know who I am....
I must agree with Emily on the Fudgesicles. I like those better than popsicles.

I like the quote from "You've Got Mail" at the end there, "Oh, how I wish you would."

Whitney said...

This is Whitney. We met in middle school, I do believe. I'm on team fudgesicle.

alyssam said...

Hi Katie

I'm alyssa. we were buddies at OCHS. :]

I'm a pretty big fan of banana-flavored popsicles, and "You've got mail"!