Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lauren Loves Me

And this is proof. Today she said this about me:

"Katie from Notes from a very red kitchen. The epitome of domesticity and so crafty. I have no idea how she has time for crafts with a little baby, but she's awesome. "

...and awarded me these:

{one lovely blog award}

{totally charming award}

I feel like I ought to give some kind of acceptance speech, but I really don't know what to say except...

Thanks Lauren!

You can find Lauren's neat blog by clicking on the above link. You can also find the link to her blog in my "crafty blogs" section under the title "the little things we do." I would just like to clarify (am I paranoid about this? Why?) that although Lauren's blog is listed under my "crafty blogs" section (since her blog is crafty) she is in fact one of my real life friends. Lauren and I met working together as day camp counselors for two summers in a row. It really was one of my favorite jobs ever and it was certainly not because of the ultra cool field trips I went on with cranky kids. Lauren was just super fun to work with. And hang out with. Except when she tried to make me ride bikes once. So I hope you'll pop on over and check out her blog. Once you get past hating her for being so pretty and fun and down-to-earth all at the same time, she really is pretty fun. After all, not just anyone would ignore some day camp kids (okay, okay, they were playing "pioneer" at their own request) to hang out with me. So, thanks Lauren for being my friend and for giving me these sweet awards.

Okay, so now I'm supposed to bestow this on some other friends. (Since I have so many family members that blog, I am going to stick with non-family for this.) Here it goes...

1. Dorothy on Come What May and Love It: I have known Dorothy my entire life. No exaggeration. As the mother of my best friend, I spent hours at Dorothy's house and in her camping tents and old gray van growing up. She is practically a second mother. I give this award to Dorothy because, basically, I think her blog rocks. Besides knowing how to actually do the whole thing in HTML (waaaay over my head), her blog is great because she shares fun family stories and photos as well as refreshing personal insights. Go read her blog. It's fun, I promise.

2. Melissa from If you just open your eyes, oh what a sweet discovery: Melissa. Is. Hillarious. Go read her blog. Okay, for reals though. Melissa and I met working at the BYU Kindergarten during our undergrad years and we had quite wonderful times. Our relationship was sealed when I shared my version of the Halloween Cat song with her. Nothing says friendship like chewing up cats. P.S. Melissa also writes FAT CHANCE, an inspiring weight loss blog. Someday I hope to be as dedicated to good health as she is.

3. Julie from Joy's Hope: This lady is my hero. Or at least my blogging hero. Although we aren't real life friends, I like to pretend that she's my blogging friend. Because I like her. Her posts are hilarious. (It's okay to say hilarious twice in a row if it's true both times.) Remember that great post I shared with you about Freecycle? That was her. Also, my love for her blog was deepened when I recently learned about some of the hardships she's faced in life, mainly, losing her first child in pregnancy. I admire her ability to write what she thinks and feels whether it's funny or heartfelt. Oh, and did I mention she does amazing crafty things? Julie, you rock.

4. Amanda at Greensleeves Louise: I've known Amanda (real friend! real friend!) since high school. Let's not get into how we met. I'm just glad that we did meet. And I'm glad that she is now my when-I-look-out-my-front-door-I-see-her-door neighbor. Actually, I LOVE having Amanda as my neighbor. She is super fun. And if watching her play Cranium wasn't enough of a reason to love her, Amanda also writes a good blog. She is funny, while being so refreshingly honest. She makes confessions (i.e. wanting to wear nail polish) that I would perhaps think about, but probably wouldn't confess to all of you. Oh, and she is a really good writer. One bonus to reading Amanda's blog is that my mind doesn't do that automatic-editing thing it does with most I-just-whipped-this-out-and-didn't-re-read-or-revise-it pieces of literary work. She is keen. And I like her.

Well, that's all. Have fun blog-stalking these people. I know I do!


Kathy Haynie said...

Nnnnhhhh!!! Not enough time to read really cool blogs. Except that I do read Dorothy's blog (of course), and I second her award. I want to write a blog like hers when I grow up.

(That first word isn't a spelling mistake. It really is how you spell a grunt of super frustration. Now I have to go do homework for my class tomorrow night instead of reading really cool blogs. Dang.)

CK Morgan said...

I'm excited to check out that new crafty blog! I can't believe I know a major award winner. Congrats ;)

Dorothy said...

(See me blush?) Thank you, Katie, for the very kind words. I had no idea! The fun thing about knowing you all your life is that I have a LOT of stories I could tell....but I won't. (Not today, anyway. ;)

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i do love you! although i maybe love you a little less now because your acceptance speech kicked my acceptance speech's butt. but it's ok. i'll forgive you, cause you said nice things about me. and plus i love you and you're awesome. ok. that's it.

Lisa Lou said...

Woah. I'm super impressed that you got some awards for your blog. You are awesome.

*secret word: CAPIN
reminds me of: me and the cap'n, makin it happ'n.

Sylvia Louise said...

Ah! How kind of you! Lately I've been supremely hating my blog. You made me feel better about it (and let's be honest here, by extension, about MYSELF). I love having you as a neighbor too! And, of course, the Big O is a fantastic neighbor in her own right.

Now that I am no longer feeling headache-y, nauseated, and the coughing and nose blowing has ceased... we should play! I even washed some dishes today (our house has been dis-gus-ting).

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW!!! Thanks for the double shout-out! I am truly honored!!!!!