Thursday, November 12, 2009

(with beets)

Well, a certain old roommate of mine left a comment (on my post about being afraid of the dark) begging for the beet post instead. Since I am honored that she spent internet cafe time on me from all the way over in drab old England (just kidding-- I'm so jealous she's there) I thought I would go ahead and do what I can to bring her joy when she's so far away from all things Aqua. (Aquamarine, that is. Ten points to anyone who can do the stretch and flex. Or tell me the name of the boy who does it.) Anyway, I have a few boring things and one funny thing I would like to say about beets. Here is the one funny thing: a certain old roommate of mine who will remain nameless (it's the one who left a comment on my being afraid of the dark post!!) used to eat beets (and probably still does if they sell beets in England) for the sole reason that it turns her pee bright pink. She is crazy. What can I say? I have been trying to be like her ever since I first met her (when she may or may not have lied about her age). Maybe except for the peeing pink thing. And except for the... that's enough tattling on her... for now. Here are the boring things I would like to say about beets: first of all, there are now a lot of pureed beets in our freezer. "Why?" you ask? Well, because we have been eating them. Or at least we ate them once already. The other night Bryan and I had Lisa over for dinner to enjoy some tasty pancakes with beets. Well, actually, Bryan kind of had issues with the fact that the batter was pink and claimed he wouldn't know when the pancakes were ready, so he proposed pink waffles instead. Whatev. So anyway, I pureed some beets and added them to the batter, along with some other yummy things. The recipe was from this great cookbook. Today we tried out the pita pizzas with spinach. Also good, but I think we'll have to practice hiding the spinach better before we actually try to pass it off as normal-looking pizza things. Tomorrow I plan to make these yummy Aloha Chicken kabob things with pineapple and sweet potato puree. Trust me, they look really good. Promise. And maybe I'll even make some yummy cookies (not with beets). We'll see. Umm... that's all I have to say about beets.


Emily said...

Raymond! I win! I win! And I'm glad you posted your beet post. :)

Lisa Lou said...

I keep thinking about all the hidden vegtables. I made that guac sauce tonight - which is basically guacamole, but with plain yogurt and it was so delicious!

Kathy Haynie said...

How do you get the pureed pineapple and sweet potato to stay on the kabob sticks? I think you should post photos of these amazing meals. I don't live in England, but I still think you should follow up on the beet post with photos.

Marae said...

what a weirdo (your friend).
anyhow, sounds really yum!
deceptively delicious, really.
my mom makes chocolate cake with beets and zucchini. she is all about hidden vegetable desserts.

and you know i would read your blog even if i had to pay top £ at an internet cafe.

Dorothy said...

I'd like to know how some of those recipes turn out, too!

When my kids were growing up they LOVED my special milkshakes. Begged me for them, actually!

My recipe? Liquify a can of mixed vegetables (peas and carrots works well) in the blender with milk, and then add instant cocoa drink mix and blend till frothy.

My guilty secret? (Well, I think they know it now....)I NEVER ever tasted this chocolatly treat. They loved it so much, so when they asked why I wasn't having any, I claimed I was leaving more for them. No argument about that!

Besides, I always ate my vegetables in their normal form.