Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To Do Today:

-finish sorting through maternity and pre-pregnancy clothes (again)
-change out of the size ten pants that actually, really fit (woo-hoo!), but push up my flabby belly in a not-so-flattering way
-eat breakfast
-change the big O out of her pajamas and into some real clothes
-help Sarah with her little project (if she braves the snow to come down the hill)
-make an easy tree-topper star to use as a demo for my tutorial for Anna
-finally write a tutorial on an easy tree-topper star for Anna
-post the tutorial for the tree-topper star for Anna
-wrangle up some sweet white elephant gifts for a couple of upcoming parties
-think of something for bridal shower gifts (Anyone have any great ideas? I can't even remember the last time I went to a bridal shower and I have two this week.)
-perhaps browse the blog world for some ideas of bridal shower gifts
-check the mail
-eat lunch
-watch this a few more times
-play with the big O (all day)
-feed the big O (all day)
-try and get the big O to take a nap (all day)
-make dinner (or get Bryan to make dinner)
-clean up whatever messes I make during the day
-write down on our little tag thing what service I did for Bryan and for someone else during the day
-read scriptures with Bryan
-read The Living Christ with Bryan (Our bishop has asked everyone in the ward to read this every day this month--so far we're doing good.)
-go to bed

Probably I will do other things today too, like breathe and wash some dishes or put things in the dishwasher or use the restroom or something, but you get the general idea.


Hillary said...

well... I think for the bridal shower gifts... my favorite thing to get was always a "date night" type basket. Although... sometimes that's better for the actual wedding gift. Or maybe some yummy lotions or smelly things. Or you could always do gift certificates! I loved those. But you're probably wanting to do something fun and creative... and these are ideas that you've probably already thought of but are definitely not creative. haha. Oh well. I tried! :)

Katie Lewis said...

Well, I haven't thought of anything yet. These ideas are quite helpful, actually. Thanks Hillary!

Mego said...

If you don't want to go overboard with lingerie I saw someone buy their friend a practical boxed kitchen thing like a toaster or a crock pot and then put a pair of lacy underpants on them so it looked like the crock pot was wearing underwear....I thought it was funny

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i like to do gift cards for date nights. or also...i made a kit for a friend's lingerie party that was quite the hit. i made a cute little DIY box and inside were some essential "bedroom supplies". if you would like more details, send me a facebook message. i didn't really know if you'd appreciate it being posted here. it's nothing crazy or anything...just some things you may not think of when you're a first timer :).

good luck with the to-dos!