Friday, December 4, 2009

Growing Up

Tonight is our ward Christmas party. As I was thinking about this just now I remembered how, last year, Kendra and Chris had something else going on right up until the party started, so we took their kids--my niece and nephew--up to the party with us and met them there. I remember thinking how charming they were (they still are) and how crazy it would be someday when we were driving around with our own kids in their own car seats in the back of our car. Well, that's what it'll be tonight. Wow. Sometimes it occurs to me that I have a daughter and in many ways it's still surreal. As I considered all this the words that played through my mind were, "We become the rising generation." It's from this poem that I wrote:

by Katie Lewis

Pass and go
There is always someone sprouting
And someone graciously wilting
Little by little
Time passes
People trade places
The old pass on
The young become old
They hardly notice
It's almost as if
One day one wakes up
A parent
And another wakes up
A grandparent
And another wakes up
Brand new
And someone else is six
There are always children
In between
The generation gaps
So much family
That it's almost hard
To notice the wheel of time
Like a planet on its axis
Like a ball around the sun
We become
The rising generation

That is so how I feel today.