Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wondering As I Wander

My walking buddy's sweet little girl was sick most of last week, so I went on walks by myself a couple times.  This particular day I decided to take the camera, go slow, and capture a little of what I saw.  I'm certainly no photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures.  Anyway, here's a little of what the big O and I came across on our wanderings.

 This tree whispers of a memory that belongs to this place.  It's flat on one side because it used to run up against one of the dorm buildings that were here for years. 

 Now it's just an empty field, but I lived a year of my life here.  It's strange to have memories in a place that doesn't exist.

When I lived in the dorms my freshman year I used to walk past this golf cart multiple times a day.  And I always wished there was someone in it who would give me a ride to class.

The big O and I spotted this boy in a stripey pancho, pink Barbie pajama pants/shorts, and black moon boots.  Psh--freshman.
Blurry close-up of the strange boy.


How ironic.

How many pieces of gum can you find?

The hitching post.

"Oh my goodness!  Did you see what she was wearing?"
"I know!  And I was all like..."

Ugly buildings, pretty sky.

Leaves?  He didn't get the memo.

 Another juxtaposition between nature and the things we add to it.


...the twins exchange glances...

The old President's Home.  I've always loved this house.

Rambunctious Cub Scouts.  And their leaders.

 "What do you want to do tonight, Brain?"
"Same thing we do every night, Pinky-- try to take over the world!"

Maybe sometimes it's okay?

Waiting in line at the testing center.

It was a sit-and-run.

Jessica: "I don't get it.  What's with the cardboard box?"
Lloyd: "Yeah, what're you supposed to be for Halloween, Larry?"

Larry: "A recycle bin!"

...They all roll their eyes.

Lunch time.

Loner table.

Can you see us?


They live a sheltered life.

The end.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Right about now...

-I currently have the table covered with a sewing project.  I'm making a little elephant for the big O.  Not because we're particularly nuts about elephants or anything, but because I had a cute pattern and an old pair of pants to cut up.  Pictures to come.

-I need to make/eat lunch.  But I don't feel like making it.  But I know I really should before the big O wakes up from her nap.  But I still don't feel like doing it.  Likely just as I put the bagel in the toaster the big O will wake up and I will have to let my lunch sit on the counter for a half hour while I feed her and get myself really starving... as usual.

-I want to watch West Wing.  But I don't because I like watching it with Bryan, but he's at school/work.  But I really want to.  So maybe I'll make my lunch eat and it while I watch that.

-I am excited that when I got on the scale this morning I was 158 pounds.  We'll see what it says to me tomorrow.

-I went into the kitchen a few minutes ago with thoughts of making lunch, saw the chocolate chips, wanted some real bad, grabbed a banana instead, and left.

-I just read some really funny posts from my friends Whitney and Spencer on their blog.  If it weren't private I would link to it so you could all enjoy it.  I miss them.  They are funny.  And nice.

That's all.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inspire me, please

Inspiration?  Share it HERE.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good ol' Sammy Jay

 Aubrie asked: Why did you stop doing the Sammy Jaybird business?

Answer: I just got tired of it.  For one thing, I started doing it in the spring when it wasn't so hot and I wasn't so pregnant.  As the summer rolled on my enthusiasm started running out.  I was really pregnant and our apartment doesn't have great AC, so it was a total sweat shop (pun intended) every time I made things since all the sewing was by hand, meaning I had to sit in the same spot for a long time crouched over my work.  Not so fun.  Also, I was selling the things I made at our local farmers market and by the time I called it quits last July it was absolute torture (being 8 months pregnant) to sit outside.  Besides all that, I get bored doing the same project over and over again.  Making these products took a lot of time and I was ready to work on something new.  Anyway, I guess that's kind of a lame answer, but there you have it!

And since we're talking about Sammy Jaybird, I have an extremely long overdue Thank You! to say to Marcie of Marcie Jessee Photography.  She took such beautiful promotional pictures for me and then they never got to see the light of day after I shut down the business.  So, I will finally share them here now.  Enjoy!

Henry!  You're such a big boy now!

Thanks also to Nancy of Nancy Jones Design & Photography for designing the Sammy Jaybird logo, blog design, and business cards for me.  They turned out super slick and they also never got all the attention they deserved.

Aching for some adorable hand-sewn onesies that are for sale?  Check out the Coco Sailore.  That's what the big O is wearing today.  And, if I may say so, she is looking rather chic.