Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good ol' Sammy Jay

 Aubrie asked: Why did you stop doing the Sammy Jaybird business?

Answer: I just got tired of it.  For one thing, I started doing it in the spring when it wasn't so hot and I wasn't so pregnant.  As the summer rolled on my enthusiasm started running out.  I was really pregnant and our apartment doesn't have great AC, so it was a total sweat shop (pun intended) every time I made things since all the sewing was by hand, meaning I had to sit in the same spot for a long time crouched over my work.  Not so fun.  Also, I was selling the things I made at our local farmers market and by the time I called it quits last July it was absolute torture (being 8 months pregnant) to sit outside.  Besides all that, I get bored doing the same project over and over again.  Making these products took a lot of time and I was ready to work on something new.  Anyway, I guess that's kind of a lame answer, but there you have it!

And since we're talking about Sammy Jaybird, I have an extremely long overdue Thank You! to say to Marcie of Marcie Jessee Photography.  She took such beautiful promotional pictures for me and then they never got to see the light of day after I shut down the business.  So, I will finally share them here now.  Enjoy!

Henry!  You're such a big boy now!

Thanks also to Nancy of Nancy Jones Design & Photography for designing the Sammy Jaybird logo, blog design, and business cards for me.  They turned out super slick and they also never got all the attention they deserved.

Aching for some adorable hand-sewn onesies that are for sale?  Check out the Coco Sailore.  That's what the big O is wearing today.  And, if I may say so, she is looking rather chic.


Lisa Lou said...

I love all these pictures! I hope I can be so crafty someday with my sewing machine. Although, I guess you didn't make these with a sewing machine...

Stephanie and Todd said...

Too cute!! oh and if you have any extra onesies and barrettes taking up space, you could always send em my way.... ;)