Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Photobucket,

You will open your homepage.  And then I try to "join now."  And you freeze up.  Are the monster Kodak ads eating you alive?  Am I too cool for you?  Are you intimidated by all the wonderful photos I might add to you?  Have you secretly had a crush on me and now that I'm there, in person, saying hello, trying to embrace you, you're too shy to say something back?  Please, for both our sakes, stop being so coy and let me sign up for an account already.  I have things to do!  Dishes to clean!  Ruffles to ruff...le.  And a serious amount of stuff that needs to be picked up and put away.  So, please, get over it.  I'm not that cool.  I'm just me.  I promise if you let me in we can be friends.  Come on, it'll be fun.  I promise.

Anxiously awaiting your reply (or possibly leaving you now for the dishes on the counter),


Kathy Haynie said...

Ha ha! Maybe he needs to see a photo of you one of those dating websites...Good luck!

JuliaKoponick said...

That is why I always end up just going to the Costco site. It is much easier to use and the ads are smaller. Also, the prices are pretty much the same and I get them faster.

Good luck with Photobucket!

Katie Lewis said...

Yeah, I like Costco for making prints, but I just need to do some online work with a few things. Hopefully it will start working for me soon! :)