Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I should be writing Part 2

...but instead I'm totally distracted playing around with Picnik.  Now listen, I know it's nothing new.  But it is totally news to me.  And since I have absolutely zero photo editing experience (I think you have all realized this by now) I am super excited.  But let's not go holding me to a higher standard from now on or anything.  It may take me a while to really get into it.  Anyway, Bryan's coming back soon and will need the computer when he gets home, so I really must get busy on writing Part 2 of the Tank Top Top tutorial (gathers!).  And so, I leave you with this, my first (and only) photo editing attempt courtesy of the wonderfully free Picnik:

See the cropped photo?  The cool color contrast?  The rounded edges?  THE WORDS ON TOP OF THE PICTURE?!  (I am such a novice.)

See you bright and early tomorrow morning for Part 2! 

Note: Please don't use any content from Notes From A Very Red Kitchen without my permission.  That includes my super sweet edited photo I just made.  Thanks.


Kathy Haynie said...

Maybe sometime you can post a mini-tutorial with some tips on using Picnik.

Katie Lewis said...

I'm flattered! But a tutorial on Picnik would really be superfluous. I really just poked around a very tiny bit and edited that picture in--literally--about five minutes. Just go check it out and give it a try. You'll get the hang of it super quick. I promise.