Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm famous! (again)

An article I wrote has been published!  It's called Because I Have Been Given Much and you can read it at a wonderful new site called Embodying Womanhood.  What's that, you ask?

"Embodying Womanhood is an online journal sustained by the voluntary contributions of its readers, dedicated to understanding womanhood in light of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Doctrine of the Family. We hope you enjoy the faithful tone and glorying attitude that authors take toward all aspects of family life and gender roles." The site recently launched a blog to act as A Living Archive of Shared Experiences, Shared Testimony, and Shared Sisterhood Of LDS Daughters of God. Women (and men) are encouraged to submit short experiential thoughts and testimonies on any of the listed topics from "Delights of Daily Family Life" to an image series on sisterhood.

And, because I really have been given much, I'm going to give to all of you!  Yes, yes, let's have ourselves a little giveaway, shall we?  I'll be giving away these two handmade wallets made--of course--by yours truly.  
 I will now brag about why they are great.

Reason #1- They have cute buttons.

Reason #2- I made them.

Reason #3- They are made in bright, fun, pretty colors that will make you think about spring and summer and warm weather!

Reason #4- They are hand-stitched (by me) with a blanket stitch, making them very durable.

Reason #5- They will hold ALL of your cards that you carry around with you.

Reason #6- Your cards will stay put when you want them to, but will slide out easily when you're trying to pay the cashier.

Reason #7- They even have a pocket for cash!

Want to know how to win one?
Pick and choose from the options below for up to as many as 4 entries!

-Visit the journal and comment on one of the articles (It's okay if you want to comment on mine, by the way.)
-Follow Embodying Womanhood on the facebook group
-Display the button on your blog
-Submit an article/poem/piece of art for an upcoming issue or for the newly-launched blog.

Just leave a comment here for each of your entries.  Winners will be chosen one week from today on March 11, 2010.  International readers are welcome to enter.

Good luck everybody!
Go read my article! :)


Katie said...

Great article!
And cute wallet! Makes me want some summertime!

Lisa Lou said...

Oh yeah! I love these wallets! I will definately be entering many times!

Kathy Haynie said...

I'm so glad the breast milk bank is still going. It was started before you were born, but I never pumped, so I didn't donate. I'm glad you do!

julia said...

too cute thanks

Tausha said...

cute wallet.I want to win! I could so use this. I am on my way over to the blog right now. I can't wait to read your article. Congrats! You go girl!