Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Riddle me this...

So the other night when Bryan was writing a post for his blog I was getting real bored. Real, real bored. So, naturally, I was being a bit of a pest. Then, because I love this phrase, I said, "Riddle me this..." and then just sort of trailed off. Bryan looked at me, waiting for me to riddle him something, but the truth is, I'm pretty terrible at riddles. And I don't even have any memorized. So I confessed that I just liked to say, "Riddle me this..." but that I didn't actually have any riddles up my sleeve. I think Bryan saw this as a golden opportunity to get me occupied while he finished his post, so he told me to come up with a riddle. When I was about to blurt out some dumb riddle right away, he also said that it had to rhyme. Which isn't really any problem. I am kind of a rhyming master, if you don't mind my saying so. But it did take me a minute to put one together. But riddles, like easy poems, are a bit contagious. Once I came up with one, I kept thinking of more. Turns out they're not really so hard to think up after all. Not that mine are all that impressive or anything. Still, if you'd like to read them, Bryan wrote them down and posted them HERE on his blog today. Riddle me that!

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