Saturday, March 20, 2010

We just got back

...from spending some time with this lovely lady.  Sadly, the big O was not super cooperative, so we'll be giving it another shot in a few days.  But I can't really blame the kid for being cranky.  It's been super nice and springy and warm this past week.  Except today.  The thermometer in our apartment said it was below freezing outside.  Thank you, stupid Utah weather.  I will not miss you when we move away from here someday.  I will not miss you one bit.  You with your taunting warm days and then your blast of cold and snow once you've got us all in shorts.  You're mean.  And cold.  That's just not nice.  But at least it's always good times hanging out with Marcie, so I'm certainly not sad to do that again soon. 

Not sure yet what else I'll be doing today.  Hopefully finishing up an epic project (ha!  ...made epic by my own dumb mistakes) and starting a new one.  With any luck this new project will be ready to share with you all next week.  I'm excited for that.  Super duper excited, actually.  Hopefully I don't mess it up.  (Eeek!) 

Less exciting things we need to do today include some grocery shopping (we're out of cherry tomatoes and Tillamook cheese, among other things), hopefully a few loads of laundry, I think Bryan needs to take a midterm at some point today, and eventually we're going to have to think of something to make for dinner tonight.  Any good ideas?  (Preferably prior to the grocery shopping trip.)

But for now, I'm just hanging out and looking at blogs while Bryan's asleep in bed and Olivia's asleep on my lap.  Sweet girl.  Have a great Saturday everyone!


emmalou said...

We are probably going to have fajitas soon... that's one we save for right after grocery shopping so the produce is nice and fresh. So there's one idea.
Also, you intimidate me with all your projects. Especially when you describe one as "epic." Sigh. I guess we just have different strengths.

Lisa Lou said...

I hope you had a productive day! I love Saturdays with a plan, but not really set in stone, so it's easy to change if needed. Kind of like my day was...Love you lots!