Saturday, April 3, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT! (and winners)

The time has come to announce our winners!
Have you been waiting in suspense all day?!

Well, you'll have to wait just one moment longer.  Because first I have an exciting announcement for you.  Next week is...

Next week is going to be full of some super fun, super easy tutorials for some sweet and simple decor for your head.  Or your kid's head.  Whatevs.  Aaaaand... not only am I going to be posting lots of headband tutorials, but we're going to have a linky party all week long so you can link up pictures and tutorials of headbands that you've made so we can share lots of great ideas.  Sweeeeet!  So get your headband thinking caps on and get ready to link up next week! 

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...

...drum roll please...

The winner of one of these Cherry Lane Textiles fat quarter packs is...

...comment #19  "The Fam"!  Woot wooooot!  Congratulations!  

And the winner of the surprise from yours truly is...

...comment #27 "Marci Wallace"!

What does Marci win, you ask?  Well, to get you all excited for Headband Week, I thought I'd give her a headband made by yours truly.  Want to see it?
Like it?  Love it?  Want some more of it?  Then join us here next week for Headband Week!  Wooooot wooooot!  See you then!

Closing notes:

First off, a mega big thanks to the wonderful Holly of Cherry Lane Textiles for giving away some of her super sweet fabric.  Go check out her shop!

Secondly, thanks to Bryan's sister Alison for modeling the headband for our Headband Week logo and for drawing the numbers out of the hat.  And thanks to Bryan's sister Lisa for modeling Marcie's headband.

And, finally, a big thanks to everybody who entered the giveaway!  There's plenty more of where that came from!

See you here next week for lots of headband sweetness!


Emily said...

YAY!!! I am so excited to learn how to make cute headbands!

AND next week is my SPRING BREAK! So maybe we could even make some headbands together!!!!!!

Even bigger YAY!!!!

Love you!

Whitney said...

that headband is super cute!!!

Lisa Lou said...

Man! This post is so good! I'm really excited for headband week. Maybe I will be brave and bust out the machine and whip some up!

Kathy Haynie said...

Gorgeous models.

Funny, I was just thinking about headbands yesterday. I noticed a woman with cute red hair...I'm pretty sure it was a wig...which made me wonder if she was going through chemotherapy. Something made me think about bald baby girls with their cute headbands...I thought if I ever had to go through the experience of losing my hair, I would like to wear a cute lacy headband like the sweet babies wear.

alee said...

I wish I had full hair like Alison :) She looks cute in a headband.

ali said...

yayyyy for headbands!! :)
i wear mine EVERYDAY