Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blogging Instead

My sister and her fun little family are coming into town in a couple of hours.  I really should be cleaning up our not-clean apartment so the kids can go wild together. 

We're going on a little vacation soon.  I really should be packing for that.  Or at least making a packing list.

But instead I've been sitting around reading some of my favorite blogs.  So, today I say to all the pressure to be big and great that tempts me to rid myself of links that take you far away from my little blog here: too bad.  I like other blogs.  And I think the rest of your like other blogs too.  So maybe someday I'll be more business-like and clean up my side bars the way they "should" be, but today I'm too busy reading about Julie's laundry detergent and Lauren's fashion rut and Ashley's weekend to care about that. 

The sun is shining.  I'm wearing my favorite yellow and gray and aqua plaid shorts.  The big O is napping.  Life is good. 

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