Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bit by the Moving Monster

Have I mentioned how excited I am to move?  Or how excited I am for Bryan to be done with his undergrad?  I am so excited about it, in fact, that I haven't been in the mood to do crafts lately because (in my head) "we're going to be getting rid of so much stuff soon anyway" and "we're not even going to be here that much longer."  Oh, and I've already called two moving companies.  And I guess this is all pretty normal for getting ready to move except... we're moving in a year.

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm jumping the gun just a little.  But living in a college town for 6 years will do that to you.  Especially when, once upon a time, we thought we'd be moving right about this time... until Bryan decided to switch career paths.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm super glad he did.  Optometry will be a way better fit for him and hopefully we'll have a bit more mullah that way, but it meant an extra year of pre-optometry classes on top of his regular class load.  And, I am happy to report, he's been doing super well. 

Anyway, this is all by way of saying that my desire to move has been ripe for quite some time.  I find myself thinking things like, "Should we just get rid of this now?"  or "I wonder if we'll move with that?" all the time.  Literally, last night as I was laying in bed falling asleep I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if we should sell the bed here and get a new one wherever we move to?"  But I'm not the only one who's having these thoughts.  After my sister moved a couple of months ago Bryan and I literally spent a whole evening listing off all the things we plan to sell when we move.  We have already decided on getting rid of the following and just getting new (read: used Craigslist or thrift store stuff) when we get to wherever we're going:

-table and chairs (We have a folding table and chairs we can use until we get a real one again once we get there.)
-sofa (Don't even get me started on our sofa.  I want to reupholster it soooo bad, but it's just not worth it.)
-dresser (well, we won't be selling this so much as giving it back to my brother-in-law's family who has been nice enough to let us borrow it for the past couple years)
-bookshelves (Bryan hasn't completely sold me on this yet)
-our red & white checked armchair
-our TV (maybe)
-our plastic Easter eggs (I don't know why, but I think about this one a lot.  Totally random.)
-our coffee table that is currently acting as a TV stand (probably)
-the exersaucer (definitely)
-our canopy that we used to use for Farmer's Market that is still in mint condition (anybody want to buy it?)
-and hopefully a lot of other stuff that I'm just not thinking of right now

Things we are definitely taking with us:
-Olivia's highchair that I reupholstered
-my hope chest that doubles as a bench
-the chalkboard easel
-our bed frame (it's just the frame and it's one of those metal ones that can adjust for basically any size bed and breaks down really small for moving)
-my lovely aqua armchair that I love (Unless taking this chair is the difference between having to upgrade to the next bigger size of a moving truck or whatever, this chair is totally coming with us.)
-the big red star (unless Bryan sneaks it out while I'm not looking... which he would get in big trouble for)
-and basically everything else

If you're still reading this, you have my thanks for humoring me thus far.  Also, I'd like to ask...

-What tips do you have for me for moving? 

-Which moving companies do you like best and why? 

-Are you a fan of moving with everything or selling everything and buying new stuff when you get there and why?  Which way do you think is cheapest/most cost effective?

-What are your thoughts on driving a moving truck and towing your car vs. driving your car and moving via some moving company that has you load and unload your own stuff, but they drive it for you?  (Because I totally have zero desire to drive a moving truck... especially with a little kid.)

-What specific things/furniture items do you recommend getting rid of and then buying again once you get there?

And, because I know you're all going to ask, we have no idea yet where we'll be moving to.  It totally depends on where Bryan gets accepted to go to optometry school.  But Bryan takes the OAT (the optometry version of the MCAT) next month.  (Go over to his blog and wish him luck!)  Then we'll be one step closer to moving on in life!  Hooray!


Bridget said...

You had to have known I would comment. We just barely sold everything we owned except for personal goods, packed those up, and moved out of our apartment. All on a week's notice. So I have some opinions.

We had a bunch of ghetto/hand-me-down furniture that we took the trouble to move from Tucson to Ithaca and you know what? I'm glad we did (for most of it - we got rid of the worst stuff before we moved). Even craigslist stuff can be expensive and when you need it right NOW because you literally have no place to sit down in your apartment, you're going to end up spending more. If you have something then you have the leisure to just scan craigslist or a store and wait for a good listing or a sale, then pounce. But of course it would depend on how much it is costing you to move and whether someone else is paying for it.

As far as truck/trailer etc. One time we drove a trailer and towed our car and it was THE MOST STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE EVER. I was too young to get put on the rental truck permission so Jeremy had to drive the whole (long) way and it really was not a fun experience. When we moved to Ithaca we put our stuff in ABF pods and they drove it out and stored it for us. We drove out just in our car and it was awesome. I would do that again in a second. In fact, we ARE doing that again at the end of this summer.

End long comment.

Katie Lewis said...


These are exactly the kind of things I want to know. Thank you! Also, the thought that we might not be old enough to drive a moving truck never even crossed my mind, but we're probably too young.

So I totally agree with you about the high cost of needing something NOW, but how do you feel about just taking the basics (beds, folding table and chairs, other "stuff") and selling the rest? Do you think things like bookshelves are worth taking?

Also, how do/did you feel about selling EVERYTHING? Do you feel destitute and like you have nothing? Or was it totally refreshing? I am so intrigued. You have no idea.


Kendra said...

I am so with you! Jared's applying for grad schools this next fall, nd the top of my list is London. I spent all day looking at flats over there and planning out air fares to other countries on ryanair. I'm sick.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

We can chat more about this over the phone if you want. It's going to depend on where you end up. Like I'm so glad we brought most of our ghetto furniture with us here because it's just not as easy to find quality used items here. Also, I totally agree that even if you end up replacing things on Craig's List or thrift stores, it can still be fairly expensive if you need things right away. I say bring the bookshelves. They can actually be helpful when moving because you can still pack stuff in them in the truck. Like you can put some of the small boxes on the shelves if the shelves don't come out. You can't pack a truck with solid boxes because the ones on the bottom get squishes so some furniture can actually help with the packing. It can also be harder than you think to get some of the stuff home when you've just moved to a new place and don't know someone with a truck to transport things and/or you have a drive farther than you're used to fo things.

If stuff is truly worn out or two big then leave it behind...we left our sofa. Leave the plastic Easter eggs. I totally have a love/hate relationship with them...but it's mostly a hate relatinoship with them.

We liked ABF. When we move to Royal City we'll probably drive the truck ourselves since it's only a couple hours, but seriously when you combine in what you pay for a truck rental AND add in the gas and stuff and your sanity, it's not that much more expensive to have ABF drive it for you.

Kathy Haynie said...

Your post made me smile. Love you!

Erica and Spencer said...

Well Spencer and I are just getting finished moving into our third apartment that we've lived in as a married couple (we've only been married for almost a year and a half). I think each time we have moved we have gotten rid of things because they were broken or we didn't have space for it.

For example, our first apartment was a small one bedroom and obviously we were able to furnish it the way it should be because we didn't have anything to try to fit into the apartment. Our second apartment was an even smaller one bedroom. We had to get rid of our coffee table, and a ton of furniture. We had to also get very creative with where to store things. Now that we have moved into a very spacious three bedroom we've been feeling like we don't actually have enough things to fill the space.

Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is, don't decide on tossing everything out until you know where you are going. Spencer and I went through a similar thing with Law School and we ended up deciding to stay here at BYU. I'm sure if we would have gone back east we would have gotten rid of a lot of things.

I agree with Bridget on it being more expensive if you get rid of everything and then have to buy it all right away when you get there. It is always best to find things on sale because moving is an expensive process as it is (eating out because food is packed or has all been eaten, needing moving boxes, hiring a moving truck, etc.)

I hope that was helpful. I have a lot of opinions on moving right now and I'm not sure if all of my words came out right.

Katie Lewis said...

Man, thanks so much to everyone who's left comments on here so far. They have all been super helpful and given me insight into parts of moving that I hadn't even thought of yet. Thanks so much to Bridget, Polly, and Erica for taking the time to leave such long, thought out, helpful comments! If anyone else has something to add please do so. I'd really (sincerely) appreciate it.

Katie Lewis said...

Oh, and, Kendra, I know exactly how you feel. Just last night I was looking at apartments (again) in one of the cities where we might end up. Haha. And lately I feel like I keep pulling a Kendra (as in... you) because I'm always thinking to myself, "It's just spring term and then summer term and then this will happen and then that will happen and then it'll be fall and winter semesters and then we'll be done!" Haha.