Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's true.

I am so easily seduced by the wonderful little shoes that See Kai Run makes.  They are adorable.  And so high quality.  And the look of (most of) their shoes is timeless.  And yesterday when I got an e-mail from See Kai Run telling me that some of their shoes are on clearance for up to 50% off, I almost bought this pair for Olivia.  After all, $16 for super mega ultra high quality baby shoes that will last forever (both in look and wear and tear) isn't such a bad deal.  But then when they slapped on $6.50 for shipping the spell wore off.  I logged out.  Closed the page.  Sayonara ultra cool and too-rich-for-my-blood baby shoes.

Then today while I was out I decided to stop by Ross, Old Navy, and TJ Max to see what I could find in the way of baby footwear.  Ross had some pretty cute shoes, but they were all WAY too big for Olivia's teeny tiny size 1-2 feet.  Old Navy had some pretty awesome clearance racks with extra large tank tops and other fun things on sale for only $.97.  I almost bought some things to refashion, but talked myself out of it when I remembered the fact that we're moving in a year and we really can't acquire anything else that "might come in handy someday."  But, alas, Old Navy totally let me down in the baby shoe department.  And then, just as I had basically given up--woot woot!-- TJ Max totally came through for me.  There, in the very short, almost-hidden isle with lots and lots of terribly ugly baby shoes, I found these ones labeled as 6-9 months size.
No, they don't possess timeless style.  No, they aren't super uber mega high quality.  Yes, they do have little shiny things.  But, otherwise, they were totally what I was looking for.
The soles are waterproof, but still really flexible.  This was the main feature I've been looking for in baby shoes and, truth be told, even the ever-classy See Kai Run shoes don't possess this wonderful trait in their line of Smaller shoes that would fit Olivia.
And while they may be a little cooky, they're not nearly as ugly as all the of mega, mega tacky baby shoes that were surrounding them at the store.  Also, I feel confident that I can pluck off those little shiny things if I ever decide they're just too much.
But I don't think I'll need to because, once they're on her feet and hiding under her jeans, who can really tell anyway?  And, besides, she's a little girl.  So there.
But what's the best part?
What's the home run on these little footwear cuties?
I paid a grand total of $5.33 for them.  Including tax.  And no charge for shipping.  And what's more?
They do exactly what they're supposed to do.


Kathy Haynie said...

Pick off the bling??!! No way! Olivia is a little doll, and she will love the sparkles, I predict. Good for you to be a frugal shopper!

Patricia said...

So, so cute!! And the shoes are, too. I agree with your mom, the sparkles are just right. What a great shopper you are for your sweet little one!

Sylvia Louise said...

Um, totally saw the big O sportin' those babies. She looked super fly.

Rose said...

the shoes you bought are very cute. my granddaughter has only worn the see kai run shoes since she out grew the robbies. the problem is the price. i wanted to sell them on my website but they wouldn't wholesale to me because i only have an online store.
your daughter is toooo cute!

Samina said...

Those shoes are too cute aannd I love your logic, you go wit' your bad self. The bi O looks so cute on that slide lol