Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

7:56 AM
Bryan: Want to hear something really ridiculous?
Me (still in bed): What?
Bryan: It's snowing outside.

 Well, sure enough, when I peeked out the window the snow was coming down steadily.  And still is.  In an effort to pretend it wasn't happening, I kept the blinds closed.  That was until I heard a loud CRACK!  

A huge branch off of one of our trees had fallen.  A few minutes later another one fell.  How glad am I that I don't work for grounds crew today?  So, so glad.  **I just heard another branch fall right now as I was writing this!**  So crazy.  This doesn't even happen during the winter when the trees are usually heavy laden with snow. 

On this particular occasion, I would like to blame this ridiculous snowfall on Olivia. 

Or, more accurately, on the socks that Olivia is currently wearing.

Little penguin, it is all your fault that inside it looks like this...
(Flowers picked YESTERDAY EVENING.)

...And outside it looks like this.

And you all wonder why I'm so excited to move.

Happy Monday!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Now, you don't know where you're moving to yet do you? You could be moving somewhere with even more snow. I don't know a lot about trees, but I'm guessing the branches are snapping because they're not really in snow mode anymore and something about that makes the branches snap. Maybe the leaves catch more snow and make them heavier or change the center of mass or something.

Sylvia Louise said...

I blame Olivia's socks too. But she's so cute that I won't get mad.

Ridiculous snow = excellent excuse for hot chocolate.

Anna said...

What!? It is 85 degrees here! That is crazy.

Olivia! What were you thinking!!!

Kathy Haynie said...

The snow is probably wetter and heavier now than it would be in the winter. More like Oregon snow.

April (Noriko's mom) says to send Olivia here...or at least her socks...we never got a snow day this year!

Oh, man, I am going to stop whining about all the rain we've had...and keep having...

Lisa Lou said...

I was so livid this morning. I'm glad I have someone to blame it on. Thanks a lot little penguin.

Greg Lewis said...

Trish here.....
Ahh! Snow at the end of May!?!
I remember when I was a little girl in Utah, it snowed on my sister's birthday, June 4! But I don't think it's happened since. Could have though, I haven't lived in Utah for 28 years!

emmalou said...

I LOVE abnormal weather. It really mixes things up, huh?

Emily said...

seriously. Just when Utah is starting to get on my good side, it goes and does something like this. And then I remember how very, very glad I am to be moving away to a place with four equal seasons. Yay! And hopefully you can follow us soon!