Friday, May 14, 2010

We have a winner!

Before I get to the winner, I just want to say a little something.  There were 35 comments.  So there were 35 entries.  Everybody had an equal chance.  Sort of.  I say "sort of" because the first winner who's lucky number was chosen via didn't have contact information (i.e. a listed e-mail address).  Sad!  They didn't write their e-mail address in their comment and their e-mail address isn't listed in their blogger profile.  (For some info I've written previously on how to do this, click HERE.)  Unfortunately, I've had some experience with no-contact-information winners in the past and I just don't enjoy it.  So I don't let people win if I can't contact them.  Sorry, but it specifically said in the entry info to leave your e-mail address!  I debated whether or not to even tell you all this, but I think you'll want to know so you can make sure to fix things for next time.  Anyway, enough guilt trip and on to the fun part!

Woot wooooot!  We have a winner!  
 Congratulations to Rose who said:
rose said...
very cute things! love them all! i can knit and crochet but can't follow patterns! such talent!

Sheri and I will be e-mailing you so you can get your gift certificate.

Have a great day everybody!  
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1 comment:

Rose said...

Thank you Katie! I have been in touch with Sheri and I will let her know what I am choosing to redeem my gift certificate on. This is so funny because I am new to the blog world. Your's is one of my favorites. Thanks!~~Rose